Fire Safety

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire hazards can be prevented with effective, simple precautions.

Under UK law, if you employ five or more people you are required to have a Fire Risk Assessment completed by a competent person or company. A fire safety risk assessment ensures that you, as an individual, have taken all the necessary steps to prevent a fire hazard in the workplace. Most insurance companies also require a fire risk assessment to validate insurance policies.

At Banham, we connect our clients with trained surveyors to provide professional fire risk assessments for both residential and commercial premises. One of these operatives will come to your property and complete a fire safety risk assessment quickly and easily, before compiling a detailed report for you based on the following checklist:

  1. Identify fire hazards
    Identify sources of ignition
    Sources of fuel
    Sources of oxygen
  2. Identify people at risk
    Identify people in and around the premises
    People especially at risk
  3. Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk
    Evaluate the risk of a fire occuring
    Evaluate the risk to people from fire
    Remove or reduce the hazards
    Remove or reduce the risks to people
    – Detection and warning
    – Fire-fighting
    – Escape routes
    – Lighting
    – Signs and notices
    – Maintenance
  1. Record, plan, inform, instruct and train
    Record significant finding and action taken
    Prepare an emergency plan
    Inform and instruct relevant people
    Co-operate and co-ordinate with others
    Provide training
  2. Review
    Keep assessment under review
    Revise where necessary