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Banham Security Equipment Protects Your Premises

Banham's comprehensive product range will cover all aspects of your security requirements.

This guide gives you an overview of Banham's comprehensive product range.

Statistics prove that by taking quite simple, relatively inexpensive precautions you can deter the would-be intruder(s), the majority of whom are opportunistic sneak-thieves. It is of course necessary to take extra precautions to keep out the professional burglar but remember that security buys you time, something the intruder does not have. The list below will help you to decide what steps you need to take to protect your premises. 

All Banham locks are insurance approved. 


Should have a BS3621 Kitemarked 5, 6 or 7 lever mortice lock or cylinder mortice lock together with a cylinder rim deadlock also to BS3621. 

For your doors and windows there are a number of Banham locks to choose from, depending on the location of the door or window and the level of security you feel you need. 


Fit appropriate key-operated locks to the top, bottom and centre (if necessary) of doors. 


Often contain garden equipment etc that would be useful to a burglar, so ensure they are secured by a suitable mortice lock or padlock. 


The installation of a simple intruder alarm with the deterrent value of a strategically located external siren cover bearing the Banham name, with pulsing lights incorporated to provide clear indication of a live and fully functional system. Designed and installed to be fully compliant with ACPO BS8243:2010 and European Standard EN 50131-1:1997 for Intruder Alarm installations. 


Either stand alone alarm designed and installed to comply with BS5839:1995 and European Standard EN54 or fixed detection devices simply connected into your intruder alarm system.
Fire alarms are another important element of home security. Banham will be able to advise you on which fire alarms you need and where they should be positioned. It is recommended that a fire risk assessment of your building is carried out and this is compulsory for commercial buildings. 


Suitable for both domestic and commercial situations.


Provides 24-hour monitoring for all types of alarm systems. 


For domestic and commercial properties.

Banham offer the complete range of security equipment to enable you to protect your property and family from burglary, fire and forced entry. 

Using a variety of security measures is a good policy, and many of them are often relatively inexpensive. Many of the precautions you take to ensure your home security can be quite simple, such as having door and window locks fitted, security shutters installed and buying fire extinguishers. 


Fit a 5,6 or 7 lever BS3621 mortice lock together with top and bottom security bolts. 


Windows are most vulnerable to forced entry, especially at the rear of the house. Fit window locks to all ground and upper floor windows where necessary particularly where there is a flat roof or drainpipe etc.

You may even require security grilles or roller shutters to be fitted to windows that are particularly isolated. 

Burglar alarms from Banham can provide security for your property.

Monitored intruder alarms are linked up to an alarm receiving centre so the appropriate authorities will be notified in the case of a break in. Bells only intruder alarms are another option but they will just scare away an intruder. 

CCTV cameras are another security option for your home or business. They are easily installed and can be overt or concealed. Installing an entry system means you to speak to visitors before allowing them inside. Contact Banham to learn more about our security equipment. 


As a member of the Master Locksmiths Association we offer full locksmith services for all types of locks. Call us on the 020 7622 5151.

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Intruder alarms We offer a range of alarm systems to suit small private properties right through to larger domestic and commercial installations