Door Security from Banham Security

A secure, solid door is without a doubt one of the most important elements of security when it comes to safeguarding your home.

Door Security

In an age when burglary is all too common, it is essential that you ensure that your door is sufficiently reinforced to protect against forced entry or break-in and act as a first line of defence. Moreover, it is equally important that the elements that you employ to fortify the door have been proven to withstand any break-in attempt. Our 84 years of experience in home safety has taught us that the foundation of any home security plan lies with a strong, solid door backed by an array of accessories and equipment. In this section we list the three major components of door security, along with the pertinent features of each component. 

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Solid Core Wood Security Door

Solid Core Wood Security Door

A strong door reinforced with wood and metallic panels is one of the most important security measures in a property, (home or business). Unfortunately, most people base their choice on the aesthetics and design of the door, and completely neglect the security aspect of it. 

While it is important to select a door that is pleasing to the eye, it is vital that the door is sufficiently strengthened to withstand force and pressure. It is recommended you opt for a security door that is laminated with a solid core hardwood centre that adds to the overall mass of the door. These are available from Banham and can have planted mouldings to give a panelled effect.

When considering doors, it is also important that you consider the very real threat of fire. Quality hardwood doors from Banham are fire resistant and have a 30 minute fire check rating. We can offer all these security features in an array of designs and our doors can be painted to match the overall design of your home. 

Exterior quality, fire resistant, flush doors, 30/30 rating to BS476 Part 22.

Banham Reinforcing Strip

Banham Reinforcing Strip

A door alone cannot guarantee the safety of the premises. When doors are subjugated to extreme force, as in most cases of forced entries, it is more common for the lock panel to break under pressure rather than the door. 

While extra protection in the form of grilles and shutters can reduce this threat significantly, in some cases it may not be possible to install these. A rather simple, affordable and contemporary solution to this problem is a reinforcing strip. 

A reinforcing strip has a 'D' shaped staple to fit over and secure the door. This very effective steel, anti-burglary device is screwed on to the internal face of the frame and will resist force on the front panel of the door. It is available for both, lock and hinge side so that the force applied to the gate is equally spread to the two metal frames. The reinforcement device is also easily installed. 

Banham Steel Sheet

Banham Steel Sheet

The weakest spot in the door design, second only to the lock and hinge area is the central core. It is obvious to say that if the lock and hinge part of a door does not relent; the brunt of most of an attack is focused on the central area. Unless the door frame is fortified there is a good probability that the panel could split, and break open. 

A simple way of reinforcing the door is a fortified steel sheet made of galvanised steel. 

The standard finish for both the above is white. Other colours available on request.