Steel Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

The classic commercial shutter against theft and vandalism.

Steel Roller Shutters

The classic steel roller shutter ideal for industrial installations, for both internal and external applications. Its galvanised finish adds to its robust construction offering protection against burglary and vandalism. Its galvanised finish adds to its robust construction.

  • Available in a powder coated finish
  • Perforated slat available
  • Can be manually or electrically operated
  • Available in most RAL / BS colours

A Thermal Imaging exercise carried out by researchers on behalf of the Climate Challenge Fund claim that people living in period properties can dramatically reduce their energy bills by closing their shutters at dusk.

Steel Roller Shutters

What are Roller Shutters?

A roller shutter is a protective security barrier that one can use to make their doors or windows more secure. Roller shutters from Banham are made out of galvanised steel. They are opened and closed by winding or unwinding the shutter from around a drum that has been installed as part of the shutter box at the top of the device. This winding open and closed can be done both manually as well as electronically via a key switch or remote control. 

Advantages of Roller Shutters

Installing a roller shutter at your office building, shop or industrial premises offers numerous benefits, the primary one being security. These devices that act as a shield to your doors and windows are a huge deterrent to intruders and vandals. They offer a level of protection and provide a challenge that most burglars are not willing to take on, especially when you consider that most burglaries and instances of vandalism are random and impulsive. Thereby these roller shutters make a building impregnable to all but the most determined and dedicated thief.  

In addition to protection and security, roller shutters can also make any property look great as they are available in a variety of colours. Roller shutters also protect the vulnerable areas of your building from the elements, as well as providing heat and sound insulation.  

So opt to install a roller shutter and you’ll have a property that is safer, offering you the peace of mind that you and your possessions are secure and protected.