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How To Become A Security Systems Installer

A career as a security systems installer can be rewarding, both financially and ethically. The best installers can bring home significant salaries while spending every day making the world a safer, more secure place.

Becoming a security systems installer will take hard work, but it might be more straightforward than you expect. There aren’t any specific qualifications required, but there are certain skills that can give you a head start in the industry. Prior experience with electrical equipment is welcomed by employers, and you can learn all of the skills the job requires through completing an apprenticeship with a security company, such as Banham.


What does a security systems installer do?

A security systems installer will have intimate knowledge of the workings and installation methods of every security system available. These include:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Access control systems
  • Entry systems
  • CCTV cameras

General day-to-day duties involve carrying out site surveys, installing new security systems, and servicing and repairing existing systems.

When installing new systems, technicians will liaise with clients on site in order to determine which security system will be best for their properties and buildings. Security systems technicians will then physically install alarms or CCTV cameras, and any sensors required. This can include routing cables through roof spaces, walls, ceilings, and support structures, so installers will need to have working knowledge of electrical equipment, and any health and safety risks that may affect them. Technicians will also be required to correctly position and calibrate all the equipment.


What other responsibilities do security system installers have?

Alongside their day-to-day activities, security systems technicians need to be willing to respond to any client emergencies, which may take place outside of business hours. These situations can include broken or malfunctioning alarms, which technicians will be called out to repair.

They are also responsible for talking clients through how security and alarm systems function once they have been installed, meaning there is a small yet crucial customer communications part of the role.


What do I need to become a security systems installer?

●     Qualifications

While you don’t need any specific qualifications to become a security systems technician, you will need to have a range of technical skills. Specific skills vary from employer to employer, but experience with electrical work will give you a head start. This can be from a previous job, or even a subject studied at school — a GCSE in Engineering, for example, could be helpful. Most employers will also expect you to have the equivalent of GCSEs grade A-C in English, Maths and Science, as well as a technical subject.

●     Apprenticeships

If you don’t have any experience working in the security field, you may choose to do an apprenticeship with a security company. This will provide you with on-the-job training, access to security technology, and the chance to earn as you learn.

As one of the UK’s most established security companies, a security systems apprenticeship with Banham will look quite appealing on any CV. We partner with smaller security companies around the country to give apprentices hands-on experience alongside in-house training at our state-of-the-art facility.

All Banham Academy courses hold Centre Approval status with both Edexcel and Highfield awarding bodies, and our courses are QCF accredited. Apprentices will be trained by reputable and skilled staff who have extended experience and have been walking in the industry for years. To qualify for an apprenticeship with Banham, you will also need to hold at least a provisional driving licence, and have successfully completed your driving theory test, as well as passing a DBS check.

●     Capability

To become a security system installer, you will also need to have an aptitude and willingness for technical, practical, and manual work, and be able to follow technical plans and instructions. Further skills that are helpful include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Colour-normal vision
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of technical plans

Installers will also need to remain professional at all times when dealing with clients, as they will be representing their employers.


Where could I be working?

Security system technicians are often employed by security firms, and working through these firms with a number of different clients. You could be working anywhere from homes to government offices to privately-owned businesses, with a range of building sizes. Installers will be required to lift equipment, and may work at extreme heights, depending on the project. In some cases, you may need to travel between jobs, so a driving license is required if you will be working alone.

At some stage in your career, you may choose to set up your own security installation company. In this case, you will need strong management, leadership and organisational skills as well as your technical knowhow in order to achieve success.


What is a security system installer salary?

An average security systems installer salary in the UK starts at around £23,000 per year, however actual pay rates may vary depending on the your region of work, your employer, and the demand for the job. With experience, you can expect the average salary to rise to around £32,000 per year. Security system installers may also earn more money through selected contract jobs, or by working on shifts and overtime. Some companies may also provide you with a vehicle to use when making site visits further cutting down any running costs on your end.

Starting your own security installations business will open up the opportunity to make even more money, as long as you can consistently find work for you and your employees. Working as an installer for a large, prestigious security company may take this stress away, and still give you the opportunity to earn more.

To find out more information about our security apprenticeship programme, contact us today.

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