Locksmith Training

Enrol in comprehensive locksmith training from Banham Academy

Our two-day course is a foundation module which covers the mechanical basics of modern locksmithing. This should give any participants who wish to train to be a locksmith the basic knowledge they need to set them on this career path.

Locksmith Training

What you’ll learn from our locksmith training courses

Day One

Types of Locks Currently in Use & Terminology

  • Basic Terminology of locks (show night latch & mortice locks)
  • Cylinder types: rim, euro, oval, screw in, Scandinavian
  • Mortice (Sash, Dead & Euro/Oval lock case)
  • Padlocks overview
  • Cabinet type-lockers-single/double sided operation in garage locks, office equipment etc
  • Safety related locks (e.g. machine switch lock, lockout safety padlocks etc.)
  • Flat Steel-lockers-garage doors

Cylinder Key Identification

  • Explain the common types of keys in use
  • Explain Cylinder key terminology: parts of key, bow, shoulder, fluting
  • Cylinder key blank identification
  • Manufacturer’s use different profiles in most cases, some inter-changeable
  • More combinations
  • Patented & Non-patented types
  • Visual identification
  • Key gauges
  • Catalogues-Silca-DL-SKS etc
  • Explain typical tools used for cylinder key cutting

Pin Tumbler Mechanism

  • Explanation of the basic principles of how a pin tumbler mechanism works
  • Basic parts of a basic rim cylinder
  • Antipicking devices
  • Mastering and Passing (Explain basic function, terminology & business opportunities; “1 key house”)

Cylinder Key Machine Set-up, Maintenance and Safety

  • Explain safety procedures: workshop, fire doors, emergency switches, first aid, key machine safety
  • Workshop Safety and Good Practice Procedures; On Site and Locksmith Bench Operation: maintenance and cylinder Machines
  • Key machine settings-adjustment

Cylinder Key Cutting by Machine

  • Tutor to demonstrate duplicating cylinder key on machine (Students to follow)

Stripping a rim cylinder and explaining operation of same

  • Tutor to demonstrate the stripping and operation of a rim cylinder

Mortice Key Blank Identification

  • Explain Mortice key terminology-parts of key: bow, shank, bit, toe / nose, collar, throating
  • Theory of mortice key cutting
  • Explain typical tools used for mortice key cutting

Lever Mechanisms

  • Explanation of the basic principles of how a lever mechanism works
  • Common Lever Mechanisms
  • Key Differs – warding, unusable warding
  • Mortice key cutting by Machine
  • Correct identification and selection of key blank
  • Mortice key machine setting and safe use
  • Demonstration of key cutting on machine with explanation of method including radiusing (Students to copy)

Mortice Locks

  • Mortice lock terminology: bolt lath, lanket pin, lanket hole, bolt head, talon, lever  (English – Open Ended), cap, forend
  • Show operation of lock and describe same
  • Lock case size- backset – forend
  • Applications of mortice locks – wooden door – steel – aluminium door-PVCu – APG

Day 2

Lever lock key cutting

  • Students to strip & reassemble 3 lever mortice deadlock
  • Lecturer to demonstrate skill of cutting key to 3 lever lock by hand
  • Students to copy
  • Change levers and cut another key
  • Strip and reassemble detainer lock


  • Give brief description of types of safes in current use
  • Types of locking for safes
  • Explain the operation of 3 & 4 wheel combination locks
  • Lecturer to demonstrate operation and Students to copy
  • Point out the change hole alignment and explain what occurs if not in line
  • Explain how to change the combination on a 3 wheel lock, the change mark and how some locks use the opening mark and change mark in the same position (Students to copy)
  • Lecturer to demonstrate resetting from “lost code” (Students to copy)
  • Explain the possible problems trying to change the code with the cap removed
  • Explain on the “forbidden zone” and why?
  • Advise on the various factory codes for different makes of combination locks

Lock Opening Basics

  • Introduction/overview of picking and cylinder lock picks
  • Wafer Lock Technology
  • Demonstrate picking open a disc tumbler lock 92 series (Students to copy)

Code Key Cutting

  • Theory of code key cutting (highlight as alternative to picking 92 series)
  • 92 series decode and cut
  • Depth & Space keys etc.
  • Automated Key Cutting to code (Demonstration of Futura machine)
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