Access control

Access Control for Safety and Security

Access control systems are electronic security solutions that manage the movement of people into and through private buildings.

Commercial applications often include biometric access control and fingerprint scanners, providing a high level of workplace safety for both staff and visitors. Domestic access control systems are more likely to depend on smart card security systems, enabling residents to restrict and record access to their premises.

There are two main functions of access control systems: to monitor the locations of individuals within a building and to ensure that certain onsite areas are only made accessible to authorised individuals within allotted windows of times.

Banham offers a full range of access control products, this enables us to design and tailor our security systems to match our customer’s needs.

This access control range varies from standalone external access, such as fingerprint scanners and locks, to multi access control systems using smartcards and proximity card readers.

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Basic Access Control Systems
The security advantages
Smartcard access technology

Basic Access Control Systems

A basic access control system can have the following components:

  • Single door control
  • Fully sealed exterior quality proximity reader
  • Request to exit facility
  • Emergency break glass facility
  • Door open to long facility
  • Local alarm output
  • Voltage or volt free contacts to accommodate most locking mechanisms
  • Proximity tags, which will operate the intruder alarm system.
  • Full standby battery backup in the event of power failure
  • Full time and date recorded activity log.
Integrated Systems     Proximity Tag

The security advantages

When you install a range of integrated access control across your premises, you are able to control your entire building's security measures through just one system. This system can provide a fully recorded audit trail of all your security requirements without setting up different access control points or user fobs.

Every door security system unit has a standby facility, which means in the event of a building power failure, the access control system will continue to provide total security.

Whatever the customer's requirement, from simple one door entry systems to multi-site, multi-user integrated systems, our surveyors can create and follow detailed specifications to meet security needs.

Banham are able to provide both comprehensive personal security and also timekeeping and attendance records for commercial property owners - with the added benefit of interfacing any building fire alarm systems. These access control technologies act to provide vital snapshots of exactly who is in the building at any specific time. This information is vital for emergency fire evacuations, especially in multi staff scenarios, where accurate records are imperative in saving lives.

Selecting the correct technology is critical to the operation of the access control system and to providing the desired level of security. Organisations must balance the convenience with the security.

TOCA biometric reader Break Glass Green

Smartcard access technology

Smartcard access control systems are rapidly becoming the security technology of choice. An individual can use a single smartcard to gain access to authorised areas of the control premises, to securely sign into their computer account and to purchase goods via cashless vending.

Biometric technology is an incredibly effective security measure; biometric factors such as fingerprints are extremely difficult to replicate or share. As such, inclusion of fingerprint scanners and biometric technology into an access control solution will help to increase onsite security.

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