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Banham Flat London Strip - 14MM

The Banham Flat London Strip - 14MM is available to buy now.
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Please note Banham offers a survey and installation service on all products. If you purchase supply only and arrange installation at a later date an additional fitting charge will apply.
Fitted Price: £25.00

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A door alone cannot guarantee the safety of the premises. When doors are subjugated to extreme force, as in most cases of forced entries, it is more common for the lock panel to break under pressure rather than the door. While extra protection in the form of grilles and shutters can reduce this threat significantly, in some cases it may not be possible to install these. A rather simple, affordable and contemporary solution to this problem is a reinforcing strip. This very effective steel, anti-burglary device is screwed on to the internal face of the frame and will resist force on the front panel of the door. It is available for both, lock and hinge side so that the force applied to the door is equally spread to the two metal frames.
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