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Navy Banham Alarm Bellbox

ECHO-connected Alarm Receiving Centre

Banham has the first ECHO-connected Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK which reduces police response times to activated burglar alarms by up to four minutes.
Alarm Controller with Headset OnAlarm Controller with Headset On


Banham are proud to be announced as the first ECHO-connected Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK. This initiative means we are switching from traditional telephone communication to a new process that fast tracks our connection to the Police and can improve response times by as much as four minutes. Our in-house ARC is operated by a team of specialist controllers that monitor burglar alarms and act accordingly in the event of an alarm activation or emergency.

Martin Herbert, Managing Director, Banham Security said, “Banham is delighted to be the first ECHO-connected Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK. This is an exciting moment, not only for Banham but for the entire UK security industry. ECHO’s new technology has allowed us to transform the way our industry responds to alarm activations by rapidly reducing response times, providing support for the Police and giving additional peace of mind to our customers. It has been a privilege to have worked in partnership with ECHO in achieving successful end to end testing of this ground-breaking technology at our in-house Alarm Receiving Centre in South West London.”

Banham is one of the only security businesses in the UK with an in-house Alarm Receiving Centre. Our state-of-the-art ARC is NSI Gold certified and operates 24/7, 365. As a security business that has been protecting homes since 1926, we aim to be at the forefront of initiatives that will genuinely improve the safety of our customers.

Martin Harvey, Director, ECHO, commented “We are incredibly grateful to Banham for their support and assistance in the development of the ECHO concept over the last 3 or more years and welcome them as the first ECHO-connected UK Alarm Receiving Centre. The ECHO initiative is a shining example of how collaboration between the Police and the professional private security industry, when motivated to work together, can deliver significant and tangible benefits for all.”

Find out more about our Alarm Monitoring services and how Banham can protect your home and family or book a free, no-oblgiation security survey for your property.

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