Burglar Alarms

Maintenance & Service

Our fleet of over 300 highly trained engineers is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Banham Guarantee

All systems connected to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) on a full police monitored contract are assured by a lifetime guarantee.

Using our Direct Debit scheme we can offer our residential clients 12 months interest free credit. For more information please contact our sales desk on 020 7622 5151.

Further benefits include free remote resets and free technical phone support. We also guarantee that none of our communication devices utilise premium rate telephone numbers.

Annual Routine Maintenance Inspection

All Banham intruder alarms can be designed to comply with DD243, EN50131-1/PD 6662 and the requirements laid down by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). It may be a requirement of your insurance policy that your system is covered by a routine maintenance contract to reduce contents insurance premiums.

Our alarm maintenance contract options can be designed to suit all needs depending on the system chosen.


For systems provided without remote signalling (bells only).


For systems connected to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) as it is a Police and NSI requirement. One visit can be remote (providing the system is not Grade 3).


Providing free services for the maintenance of your intruder alarm system 24 hours a day. This includes parts, labour and a lifetime guarantee on systems connected to the ARC on a full Police monitored contract (subject to conditions).

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Easy to book and effective maintenance inspections:

  • Visits are booked well in advance to give clients flexibility to re-arrange if necessary.
  • Full testing of the system.
  • Any fault detected would be rectified at no extra charge, other than for replacement components outside the 12month guarantee period.
  • Our emergency service department is available 24 hours a day with attendance within 4 hours if required. All Banham engineers are equipped with on-board portable computers so they are able to access your full service history and relay visit particulars instantly to our control centre.
Automatic Remote Maintenance (ARM)

By using ARM Banham can verify that your entire security system is fully functional, providing complete peace of mind. You can choose one of your two yearly maintenance inspections to be carried out using ARM.

ARM is secure, convenient and enhances your security by constantly checking the electrical status and functional capability of your alarm system. At a pre-set time, the control panel calls the host server and uploads a full status report of your system. This report is available to you if requested so you can see that your system is always operating at its optimum level.

The correct operation of all signalling equipment to the Alarm Receiving Centre is reassured along with a full test of the external sounders. All detectors are also regularly checked to ensure your complete protection and regular reminders to walk-test the system are given.

ARM software incorporates both DD243 and EN 50131-1:2006 / PD 6662 (BS:8243:2010 released July 2010 to be implemented in July 2012) to conform with the current Police and European requirements on false alarm reduction and system design.