Burglar Alarms

Moving Home

Banham have a simple process for registration of the home alarm system into your name, so that you will be entitled to the advantages that come from being a maintained client of Banham.

All you have to do is:

1. Advise Banham by phone, letter or email that you are now the new owner.

2. Banham will send you a new owner registration form for you to fill in your personal details. Once completed simply return the form together with a small fee, for administration and a site visit by one of our service engineers to check and demonstrate the home alarm system.

3. If the previous owner of the property had their home alarm system connected through to our Alarm Receiving Centre, then we will include information of this service for your perusal.

4. We will also include a leaflet from our subsidiary company CMS Keyholding. This can be useful, as all home alarms connected through to our Alarm Receiving Centre with Police response would need to have two keyholders nominated by the owner of the property.

These keyholders would need to live within twenty minutes of the property and be available 24 hours a day. Using CMS Keyholding would mean that this would alleviate the need for your own keyholders. Contact CMS directly on 020 7627 0344 or www.cmskeyholding.co.uk, for further information.

5. Once you have returned your paperwork, contact our Alarm Service Department who will book an appointment.