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Lucie Banham is Awarded the BSIA Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Training

14th July 2017

We are extremely proud to announce that Lucie Banham, Director of Banham Group, was awarded the BSIA Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Training at this year’s annual awards ceremony on July 12th, 2017.

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valentines candles

Keep the passion burning not your home

7th February 2017

Love is in the air. Yes, that’s right, Valentine’s day is around the corner. Time to buy chocolate, teddy bears and dust off the old cookbook for a special candlelit dinner. But before you put your chef’s hat on consider these fire safety tips. We don’t want your evening going up in smoke.  Read more ►

Tumble dryer fire

Reduce the risk of fires from home electricals

30th January 2017

January, the longest month of the year (or so it seems). The Christmas excitement is over and we are all focused on our new year resolutions. But that expensive gym membership won’t be the only thing you purchase this month, winter sales are almost over. Many of us have replaced our appliances such as TV’s, ovens, tumble dryers etc. But do you know the fire risks behind some of these electrical products?  Read more ►

Is your home vulnerable after purchase?

23rd January 2017

Banham works closely with Crime Prevention Officers; this means we gain first-hand knowledge of any dangers or threats to home owners and tenants as they occur. It has been brought forward that there is a growing concern in the lack of privacy homes on the market have. Read more ►

Man knocking on door

To Trust Or Not To Trust The Knock At The Door That Is The Question

18th January 2017

During the day it is very likely there could be a knock on the door from salespeople, charity collections, maintenance, council workers and our least favourite, scammers. But how do you tell the difference between a legitimate worker or a greedy opportunist? Read more ►

Christmas door

New Year New Door

21st December 2016

Christmas – the cosiest, shiniest, merriest time of year. Nothing lifts the spirit like fabulous decorations. We transform our homes from the inside out and turn our doorways into the entrance to Santa’s Grotto itself. From lanterns to fairy lights, wreaths and Christmas door mats there so many ways to make your entrance way look Christmassy.     Read more ►

Phone camera

How to Spread Christmas Cheer Responsibly

12th December 2016

It’s the time for family, food, gifts and all things shiny and we want to share every amazing bit of it on our various social networks. We take photos, record every precious memory, document our every move and with today’s technology we can share all of this instantly.  This Christmas it is expected that millions

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How to Make Sure Your Tree Is the Only Thing Lit Up This Christmas

29th November 2016

Tis’ the season to be jolly. The lead up to Christmas is a very, if not the most, sociable time of the year. Many of us will attend various Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties or even host parties at home. Read more ►


Interview with a Banham Academy Tutor

16th November 2016

Today we are interviewing Steve, our close protection and door supervision tutor. Steve has been a tutor for over 10 years with over 30 years’ experience in the security industry.   Read more ►


Why locksmith research is so important

20th October 2016

When you call a locksmith, you are trusting a stranger with access to your home or business. Some individuals take your distressing and vulnerable situation as an opportunity to take advantage. Reports of fraudulent locksmiths are currently at a high, which makes researching genuine and trustworthy locksmiths crucial; even when buying locks over the counter you should consider the companies’ reputability before making a purchase. Are the locks you are buying reliable?  Read more ►

What extra security precautions should you be thinking about this Halloween?

17th October 2016

Halloween is consistently one of, if not the worst day of the year for deliberate acts of vandalism to domestic property. Insurance reports from previous years show home damage claims rise by 150% between Halloween and Bonfire night, while burglaries increase by 26% compared to weekly average for the rest of the year.

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How do I protect my business?

Now the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and opportunist thieves and troublemakers are rubbing their hands together with glee. With the cover of two extra hours of darkness comes an increase in crime and property damage. Read more ►

How home security affects mental health

4th October 2016

With one in eight victims of a burglary never recovering emotionally from the incident, it’s clear there is a link between the security of our homes and mental health. This has little to do with the theft of personal possessions either; it’s about the invasion of privacy. When we’re made to feel vulnerable, it’s more than just our physical selves and belongings that are under threat. 

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door wont lock

Kerb Appeal

21st September 2016

Have you ever been gazing out the window of a bus, car or train and spotted a house that stands out from the rest?  Whether it’s the well-tended garden or the ideal location we have all experienced property envy.

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Banham Academy

14th September 2016

This week’s apprentice is Lee, 19. He works alongside our maintenance engineers and has been a Banham Academy apprentice for 10 months. Read more ►

Why are home safes important now more than ever?

7th September 2016

Recent statistics indicate that the UK is starting to consider home safes with growing importance.


Following the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU, there has been an increase in the number of people in the UK searching for Read more ►

Fake Letter Box Scam

1st September 2016

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has noticed an increase in reports to Action Fraud of fraudsters placing fake letter boxes on residential properties in an attempt to harvest the mail. By doing this they are able to obtain letters and documents with personal information that can be used to open various lines of credit with financial providers in the name of the innocent resident. Read more ►


Banham Academy

24th August 2016

We would like you to meet one of our installation apprentices Ethan, 17 years old. Ethan has been with Banham Academy for 6 months. When Ethan saw a Banham van he decided to research us online and saw opportunities as an apprentice, Read more ►

Most frequently asked questions

15th August 2016

High security measures can be confusing and at times a little overwhelming, throw property insurance and standardisations into the mix and you may feel your head begin to whirl. Read more ►


Banham Academy

26th July 2016

This week we would like you to meet Max, 20 years old. Read more ►

Garden Security

21st July 2016

When we think about residential security we automatically think of a house, installing locks, Alarm systems, but why forget about the front or back garden?

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Banham Academy – Apprenticeship Graduate

6th July 2016

We would like to introduce our newest maintenance engineer, Rhys, 20 years old. Rhys was an apprentice through the Banham Academy, he now offers support to new apprentices. Read more ►

Summer is a time to relax, but not on your Security!

30th June 2016

As the weather gets warmer windows and doors open wider, making opportunities for theft easier. Police call this type of theft ‘Sneak–In Burglary’; a break-in that occurs when windows and doors are left open. Read more ►

IFSEC Banham Apprentices finish on top!

27th June 2016

IFSEC International, Europe’s largest security exhibition, welcomes over 27,000 global security professionals to ExCeL London to experience the latest technological innovations and hear from industry leaders within the security industry – all under one roof, over three days. Read more ►


Banham Academy

14th June 2016

This week’s apprentice is Yunus, 23 years old, he has been a Banham Apprentice for 11 months. He found out about Banham Academy while browsing online for work that allowed him to learn while being hands on and practical. Read more ►

Do You Share TMI online?

9th June 2016

Social networking means opening up and sharing information online with others, there’s some information you should be careful about sharing online. Read more ►


Banham Academy Apprentice

31st May 2016

This week we would like you to meet one of our Maintenance engineer apprentices Tommy, 18, who joined the Banham Academy 6 months ago. Read more ►

Banhams Burglar Bill

Ten Burglary Myths Not To Believe

24th May 2016

When considering installing security measures we quite often refer to friends for advice, reference movies or look up myths of the past, this leads to confusion and frustration. To make it easier we have put together a list of the top ten burglar myths not to believe:
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Banham Academy Apprentice

17th May 2016

This week we would like you to meet one of our Maintenance engineer apprentices Everald, 23 years old who has been part of Banham Academy for 9  months. Read more ►

What to do if you have been burgled

12th May 2016

What would you do if you woke or came home to find you have been burgled? Here’s some handy tips to help dire situations.

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Banham Academy Apprentice

5th May 2016

This week we would like you to meet one of our Installation engineering apprentices, Lewis, 17. Lewis has only been with Banham Academy one month. Read more ►

Holiday Checklist

25th April 2016

The best advice we can provide is to be ‘Prepared’ Read more ►