spring cleaning your home security

Spring Cleaning your Home Security: A Handy Checklist

30th May 2017

Spring is already here which means that most of you are planning your annual spring cleaning as the weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner.

Annual spring cleaning could prove an excellent opportunity for you to perform a thorough security audit of your premises and make sure that you have taken all the necessary security measures to effectively and efficiently protect your property.

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Wandsworth Big Breakfast Business security tips

Wandsworth Chamber Big Breakfast: Business Security Tips & News

3rd April 2017

On Wednesday 29th March, we hosted the Wandsworth Chamber Big Breakfast networking event with the theme: ‘Designing out crime and the impact of theft and shoplifting’. We were pleased to see so many local business owners make it bright and early to attend the event in order to discover how they could enhance effectively and efficiently the security of their premises.  Read more ►

valentines candles

Keep the passion burning not your home

7th February 2017

Love is in the air. Yes, that’s right, Valentine’s day is around the corner. Time to buy chocolate, teddy bears and dust off the old cookbook for a special candlelit dinner. But before you put your chef’s hat on consider these fire safety tips. We don’t want your evening going up in smoke.  Read more ►

Tumble dryer fire

Reduce the risk of fires from home electricals

30th January 2017

January, the longest month of the year (or so it seems). The Christmas excitement is over and we are all focused on our new year resolutions. But that expensive gym membership won’t be the only thing you purchase this month, winter sales are almost over. Many of us have replaced our appliances such as TV’s, ovens, tumble dryers etc. But do you know the fire risks behind some of these electrical products?  Read more ►

Is your home vulnerable after purchase?

23rd January 2017

Banham works closely with Crime Prevention Officers; this means we gain first-hand knowledge of any dangers or threats to home owners and tenants as they occur. It has been brought forward that there is a growing concern in the lack of privacy homes on the market have. Read more ►

Christmas door

New Year New Door

21st December 2016

Christmas – the cosiest, shiniest, merriest time of year. Nothing lifts the spirit like fabulous decorations. We transform our homes from the inside out and turn our doorways into the entrance to Santa’s Grotto itself. From lanterns to fairy lights, wreaths and Christmas door mats there so many ways to make your entrance way look Christmassy.     Read more ►

Phone camera

How to Spread Christmas Cheer Responsibly

12th December 2016

It’s the time for family, food, gifts and all things shiny and we want to share every amazing bit of it on our various social networks. We take photos, record every precious memory, document our every move and with today’s technology we can share all of this instantly.  This Christmas it is expected that millions

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How to Make Sure Your Tree Is the Only Thing Lit Up This Christmas

29th November 2016

Tis’ the season to be jolly. The lead up to Christmas is a very, if not the most, sociable time of the year. Many of us will attend various Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties or even host parties at home. Read more ►


Why locksmith research is so important

20th October 2016

When you call a locksmith, you are trusting a stranger with access to your home or business. Some individuals take your distressing and vulnerable situation as an opportunity to take advantage. Reports of fraudulent locksmiths are currently at a high, which makes researching genuine and trustworthy locksmiths crucial; even when buying locks over the counter you should consider the companies’ reputability before making a purchase. Are the locks you are buying reliable?  Read more ►

What extra security precautions should you be thinking about this Halloween?

17th October 2016

Halloween is consistently one of, if not the worst day of the year for deliberate acts of vandalism to domestic property. Insurance reports from previous years show home damage claims rise by 150% between Halloween and Bonfire night, while burglaries increase by 26% compared to weekly average for the rest of the year.

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How do I protect my business?

Now the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and opportunist thieves and troublemakers are rubbing their hands together with glee. With the cover of two extra hours of darkness comes an increase in crime and property damage. Read more ►

Don’t make your home an easy target for thieves

5th March 2015

Home security is a constant hot topic and one that is frequently revised with burglars becoming more inventive in their methods of breaking an entry.

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Keep your Home Safe from Burglars this Christmas

11th December 2014

With the Christmas period recognised as a time for giving and receiving, the Banham Group would like to spread some festive tips that could help keep your home safe from intruders.

Have a read over these useful security measures and make use of our ‘Book a free survey’ option by contacting us on 020 7622 5151.

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Burglar standing infront of house

Beat the Burglar This Winter!

18th November 2014

As winter sets in and the nights get longer, it is important to remember that this time of year provides burglars the ideal opportunity to commit their crimes in the cover of darkness. Keep your property secure and give your loved ones the peace of mind of safety by following our top 10 security tips:

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Banhams Burglar Bill

Protect Your Property as the Clocks Go Back

13th November 2014

According to crime statistics, burglary-related theft can increase up to 20% as the clocks go back this week and our days get darker. During the winter months, Banham Security advises home owners to ensure their properties are securely locked and alarmed to prevent burglary-related theft.

The increase in theft activity during the winter months is seen year-on-year with thieves taking advantage of the days becoming darker at an earlier time giving them more opportunities to break into homes.

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Top Ten Tips: Protect your Property!

13th October 2014

At Banham, we are committed to fighting burglary related crime. These security tips can drastically reduce the likelihood of your property being burgled:

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London Flats

Security Advice for Flats & Apartments

12th December 2013

Burglars and thieves will typically target properties they perceive to be vulnerable. Flats and apartment blocks are a popular choice as they can often gain easy access via communal entrances that do not necessarily have an appropriate level of security.

At Banham Security we specialise in solutions for securing your property and providing an effective deterrent.

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House Garden

Advice for Securing Your Garden Against Intruders

At Banham Security we offer a wide range of effective security measures for securing your home against intruders. However, it is essential that you do not neglect your garden when considering domestic security.

Front Gardens

The key here is visibility. If the front of the house is clearly visible from the road it will prevent intruders accessing the property unseen.

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Advantages of Utilising CCTV Technology

1st November 2013

The use of CCTV technology is now widespread in London and the UK as a whole due to a number of protection and detection benefits.

– A visible CCTV camera will act as a deterrent to potential criminals, contributing to the reduction of crime in certain areas.
– CCTV, hidden or visible, has proved to be an invaluable tool in the detection, capture and subsequent conviction of criminals.
– CCTV evidence is highly valued in a court of law.