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Banham Security Complaints Procedure

At Banham Security, we are committed to providing exceptional service. We value your feedback and strive to address any concerns you may have promptly and effectively. If you have a complaint, please follow our simple procedure:  


Step 1: Contact us

If you have a complaint, please contact us as soon as possible, You can reach our customer service team through the following methods:

- Phone: Call our Customer Service Department on 020 7622 5151

- Email: Send an email to

- Online form: complete our online form

Please provide as much detail as possible, including your contact information, the nature of your complaint, and any relevant order or service details. 

Step 2: Acknowledgement

Once we receive your complaint, we will acknowledge it within 2 working days. Our acknowledgement will include: 

- Confirmation that we have received your complaint

- The name and contact details of the person handling your complaint 

- An estimated timeframe for resolving the issue


Step 3: Investigation

Our team will thoroughly investigate your complaint. This may involve reviewing your service records, speaking with relevant staff members, and gathering additional information as necessary. We aim to complete our investigation within 10 working days. 


Step 4: Resolution

After investigating your complaint, we will contact you with our findings and proposed resolution. Our response will include: 

- A summary of our investigation 

- Any actions we have taken or will take to resolve the issue

- An explanation if we are unable to meet your expectations and the reasons why. 


Step 5: Follow up

If you are satisfied with our resolution, we will consider the matter closed. If you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will escalate your complaint to a Director for further review. We aim to resolve escalated complaints within an additional 10 working days. 


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve your complaint. Your feedback helps us improve our services and maintain the high standards you expect from Banham Security.