Elegantly finished


Banham doors are not made, they are expertly crafted. Customised to complement your property’s unique architecture, our skilled carpenters use only the highest quality materials to create bespoke doorways that provide the perfect fusion of security, substance and style.

High Security Doors

Peace of mind and comfort

Our beautifully designed external, internal and fire doors combine the most robust and reliable security with impeccable and expert craftsmanship. Incorporating features that don’t compromise on aesthetics, our doors are both durable and highly secure, providing you and your family with peace of mind.

A wide range of quality finishes are available, along with a choice of elegant yet strong Banham locks and solid brass ironmongery. Painstakingly crafted and expertly installed by our skilled carpenters, we guarantee a premium finish which will complement the aesthetics of your property and enhance your kerb appeal, all while ensuring your property remains safe and secure.

Heavy duty materials

Always stay secure

Constructed from high-quality materials including toughened laminated glass and Accoya - the world’s leading timber offering durability and longevity, all of our doors are designed to provide optimum security.

Our wooden doors are made of sustainable and low maintenance materials, and are strengthened with additional built-in steel panels. Furthermore, our locks provide unrivalled levels of security and our premium paintwork leaves doors with a flawless finish.

Whether you’re hoping to add the wow factor to your property or add some subtle elegance to your entrance, all of our doors are available in a range of styles to match your needs.



Constructed by security experts

When it comes to protecting your property, having a high-security front door ensures you are armed with the best first line of defence possible. It’s therefore important to take the time to source a door that is strong, sturdy, solid and secure.

The materials used to create our security doors result in increased stability and durability, making them the optimum choice for both domestic and commercial use. In addition to these characteristics, the standard range of security doors that we supply and install includes an integral 1.5mm steel sheet, offering even more reinforcement.

01. External Door Panel with Moulding
02. Door Stiles
03. Door Rails
04. Concealed 1.5mm Thick Steel Sheet
05. Internal Door Panel with Moulding


Our High Security Plus Doors

Stylish and secure

For added peace of mind and complete protection, we can provide custom-designed high-security plus doors to your exact specifications. Our Banham High Security Plus Doors meet special attack standards, containing individually formed frames with stainless steel thresholds and specially-formed metal door leaves for extra strength. For customers with special security or fire requirements, we have a range of bullet-proof doors as well as 30 or 60-minute fire rated doors.

These doors are designed to protect without compromising on style. We can replicate any existing door design right down to the tiniest detail, ensuring your new high-strength security door is discrete and in keeping with the aesthetics of your property.


Reinforced with steel

Banham steel doors are designed to achieve the look of a timber door and frame while offering an extra layer of security and fire protection. Built to a higher specification, the construction consists of various additional security elements. The doors also offer excellent thermal and acoustic properties with a minimum 30-minute fire rating. Fitted with a drill-proof plate covering the multi-locking system, a Banham M5000 hook bolt and hinge bolts are built into the steel frame. Each door set is secured in the opening by numerous fixings, which are protected from cutting by 24mm steel liners.

01. External Raised Panel with Moulding
02. External Door Fascia
03. Thermal & Sound Insulation
04. Steel Door Core
05. Internal Steel Sheet
06. Internal Door Fascia
07. Internal Raised Panel with Moulding



Whatever the aesthetic of your property or your specific style goals, our experienced team can custom create internal or external doors to achieve your vision. Our range includes single, three, four and six-panel designs in Edwardian, Victorian and more modern styles.

View the range available below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch to request a bespoke design. Our expert carpenters can masterfully create doors to fit any requirement.

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  1. Banham 1920's Glazing Bead Door
    Available in any RAL colour Available in any RAL colour, please contact us for more info.
  2. Banham High Security Plus Door
    Available in any RAL colour Available in any RAL colour, please contact us for more info.

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