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Banham Front Doors: For life’s proudest moments


The obligatory first day of school photo

As the UK summer draws to an end for another year, parents across the country start to frantically prepare for the new school year ahead. New shoes, new pencil case, new school uniform... The list goes on. But once these all-important purchases have been made and the big day arrives, one key thing remains to be done - the obligatory first day of school photograph.

Whether your child is starting nursery, primary or senior school, their first day of school is a momentous occasion in any parent or child’s life. A key moment, like so many, that is usually captured on the front doorstep of your family home and shared across social media newsfeeds.

Making you proud from their first day of school to their last

Whilst your child may be immaculately presented in shiny new shoes and a back-to-school haircut, is your front door making you equally as proud (well almost)?

If the answer is no, Banham are here to help with our range of stunning, bespoke-made high security doors that are hand-crafted to stand the test of time. We can hand- finish your doors in any RAL colour to reflect your unique sense of style and personality. Our stunning range of door furniture and our iconic Banham locks are also available in a choice of 6 finishes to truly customise your door and complete the look.

Looking good whilst protecting what’s precious

Not only will your door add instant kerb appeal to your home but additional security features such as built-in steel panels add peace of mind knowing that your high security door will provide the ultimate first line of defence against intruders. Each bespoke-made Banham door is hand-crafted from premium timber for durability. This means that your Banham door will look stunning on your child’s first day of school right up until their last.

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