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Blue Banham Door with Chrome Door Locks and Door Furniture, Black Banham Gate and White Banham Alarm Bellbox

How to Spruce Up Your Front Door

Front doors are the entry point of your home, the gateway between inside and out, and are also often the first thing someone will notice. Read our list of things you can do to spruce up your front door and boost your kerb appeal.
Front of House with Red Banham Door with Brass Door Locks, Letter Plate, Door Knob, Doctor's Door Knocker, Eye View and Black Railings, as well as Black Banham Door with Chrome Door Knocker, Door Knob and Letter PlateFront of House with Red Banham Door with Brass Door Locks, Letter Plate, Door Knob, Doctor's Door Knocker, Eye View and Black Railings, as well as Black Banham Door with Chrome Door Knocker, Door Knob and Letter Plate

Paint your front door

The colour of your door can really boost your kerb appeal and make a difference to the entrance of your home. While some homeowners may prefer an exciting bright orange finish to stand out from the crowd and draw in attention, others may prefer a cool pastel blue to evoke a sense of calmness. At Banham, we can finish our doors in any RAL colour, and we also offer a colour-matching service, so you can have your door painted in any colour you desire. We hand-spray finish all our doors to achieve a consistent, smooth finish that you may not get with hand-brushed finishes. Our engineer will follow the grain of the door to ensure the characteristics of the wood are retained and if you are opting for two or more colours for your door, a hand-spray finish will provide more tone definition.

Upgrade your door locks

Although the primary function of a door lock is to protect you, your home, and its contents, that doesn’t mean they can’t be aesthetically pleasing. At Banham, we believe security should be stylish, that’s why our iconic door locks are available in a range of styles and designer finishes that can really lift the aesthetic of your front door.

Adorn your door with designer door furniture

Accessorise your front door with a selection of handcrafted and precision-engineered door furniture which is available in a range of finishes to match our door locks and alarm panels. We offer two luxury collections that offer an extensive range of designer styles and finishes which allow our customers to make a bold statement and turn the heads of passers-by.

Welcome to The London Collection and The Heritage Collection.

Our extensive range of door furniture includes Door Numerals, Door Chains, Door Hinges, Door Knobs, Door Knockers, Slide Action Bolts, Letter Plates, Letterbox Protectors & more.

Install glass panels and fanlights

When designing your door, consider opting for glass panels which provide many design options, as well as natural lighting. Stained glass works nicely with 1920’s doors, or you can opt for a more modern look with translucent glass. All Banham doors are handcrafted and bespoke made which allows our customers to build a unique door to suit their individual requirements.

Fanlights can also be built in the space above your doors. This is another fantastic opportunity to use glass to create a unique design and introduce natural light to your home.

Clean and maintain your door and entrance

Keeping the entrance to your property clean, tidy and maintained is key to getting the most out of your home’s exterior. Wipe down your door and locks to keep them shiny and looking new, and look after any plants, trees or grass you may have.

Benefits of improving kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is an opportunity to express yourself through the exterior aesthetic of your home. It’s an opportunity to show off your style and can not only represent who you are to your neighbours, guests and visitors but can also be somewhere you’re proud to come home to. Taking control of your property’s vision is an exciting way of turning a house into a home

It’s also statistically proven to be a successful way of increasing the value of your home and impressing potential buyers.


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