Entry Systems

Entry Systems are predominantly used in residential properties. Keyless door security systems, for instance, enable the occupant to identify visitors and authorise access remotely.

This is extremely useful for properties with extensive driveways, automatic gates and for occupants situated on an upper level of a multi-tenanted residential building. Using video entry systems to identify a visitor before granting entry access minimises the possibility forced entry and property intrusion.

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Audio entry systems
Video entry system

Audio entry systems

Audio entry systems will allow you to speak to callers before you let them in via a door entry phone. The door can then be opened manually or it can be released electronically from a remote location via an electric release mechanism.

Entry Systems handset

Video entry system

Video entry systems are equipped with the same features as an audio system, however, these entry systems will also display images of callers for increased security.

A simple but reliable range that offers product reliability at an affordable price, our range of video entry systems offer the following features:

  • Choice of vandal resistant or standard panels
  • Multiple call tones
  • Multiple entrance, landing and local calling
  • Functional dial
  • Flexible desk conversion kits
  • Available in satin or polished, chrome or brass
  • Different colours of handsets and panels available
  • Quick and simple installation connections
  • High quality 625 lines video images
  • Minimum wiring requirements
  • System flexibility of additional handsets and monitors.
  • External Adjustments
  • Lock Button – activates door release.
  • Self-Button – activation of monitor, (AUX, only on Digi-bus).
  • Brightness and contrast controls for screen adjustments.
  • Talk Button – activates a two-way audio connection with the entrance panel when pressed while the monitor is activated (Simplex 'push to talk' mode or automatic audio switching).

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