Video Entry System

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Video entry system

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Video entry system

Video entry systems provide you with the same features as an audio system, however it will also display images of callers for increased security.

A simple but reliable range that offers product reliability at an affordable price, our video entry systems range offers the following features:

  • Choice of vandal resistant or standard panels
  • Multiple call tones
  • Multiple entrance, landing and local calling
  • Functional dial
  • Flexible desk conversion kits
  • Available in satin or polished, chrome or brass
  • Different colours of handsets and panels available
  • Quick and simple installation connections
  • High quality 625 lines video images
  • Minimum wiring requirements
  • System flexibility of additional handsets and monitors.
  • External Adjustments
  • Lock Button – activates door release.
  • Self-Button – activation of monitor, (AUX, only on Digi-bus).
  • Brightness and contrast controls for screen adjustments.
  • Talk Button – activates a two-way audio connection with the entrance panel when pressed while the monitor is activated (Simplex 'push to talk' mode or automatic audio switching).
Elvox_Monitor_66008870 8875 handsetelvox_7200 Video Surface ElVAXELVOXELVOX Video Handset