Fire Safety

Fire Extinguishers

Thousands of people are injured by fire and smoke every year. Although there is no foolproof method to prevent this from happening, Banham Fire’s fire extinguisher service can help to make your property a safer place by installing and maintaining fire extinguishers as recommended by the Fire Protection Association.

Fire extinguisher service for the workplace

Regulatory Reform Order 2006 transfers responsibilities to employers to assess Fire Safety risks; implement measures to fight, detect and give warning of fire, plan exit routes, keep those routes clear of obstructions and ensure the safe evacuation of the building.

Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets, conforming to British Standard 5306:2003 part 3, must be readily accessible, simple to operate and clearly labelled, with designated persons nominated to implement these measures. There must be a range of fire fighting equipment available, including foam, dry powder water and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Each different type of fire extinguisher is suited for different causes and classes of fire, and employers are obligated by law to undertake annual fire extinguisher service work. This will ensure that fire fighting equipment is correctly located, fully operational and not damaged. An engineer who has been trained in line with BS Standards must carry out the maintenance.

How Banham Fire can help

We offer a service whereby we are happy to maintain both our own and your existing fire extinguishers.

There are various classes of fire, please see below for the appropriate extinguishers:

Class A: fires involving organic solids such as paper and wood.
Class B: fires involving flammable liquids and liquefiable solids.
Class C: fires involving flammable gases.
Class D: fires involving metals.
Class F: fires involving cooking fat and oil. Electrical: fires involving electrical equipment.

Note: From 1st January 2004 it is an offence to possess Halon extinguishers and any existing units must be safely disposed of immediately.

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