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25th April 2016 ◄ Back

The best advice we can provide is to be ‘Prepared’

Why use the word Prepared?

• Prepare your home by ensuring it is equipped with appropriate security systems.
• Prepare your travel documents; tickets, passports, insurance paperwork etc. Make sure they are kept safe and ready.
• Prepare your luggage.
• Prepare other arrangements like; holding the post, organising someone to water the plants, booking taxi’s
• Prepare to set aside enough time to avoid any last minute panics.

The summer holidays are one of the busiest periods for security companies. Every year we find customers leave their security at the bottom of their ’to do list’ sometimes resulting in security measures not being implemented in time.

This year whether you have already booked your exciting summer break or you’re still pondering where to go, why not book in a Free Site Survey ahead of time to avoid disappointment by beating the rush. Our surveyors can provide a no obligation estimate for any security measures you may require. You can go to our website to see the range of systems and products available to secure your home or business premises. If you already have an alarm system, why not book a survey to check if it needs to be updated to ensure it meets insurance requirements?

To help you on your way to being prepared we have put together a check list for other tasks not to be left to the last minute:

1. Passports – Summer is also a very busy time for the UK passport office, especially if it is your first passport as you may be called in for an interview. Once you have your passport keep it in a secure place, we recommend putting passports and important documents in a Safe, our surveyor can also provide a quotation to have a safe installed in your home. See link for more information on passport applications HM-Passport-Office

2. Visas – check to see if your destination requires you to have a visa, sometimes they are available at the airport, normally at a higher cost. Also if there is a queue, you don’t want to risk missing your flight so check ahead and complete the application on-line if possible. Here is a list of Countries that require a Visa from a British passport Visa check

3. Holiday insurance – It’s better to be safe than sorry! Insure yourself and your family and your luggage, don’t forget to check any high value items you take with you are insured either through your home contents insurance or a separate policy. You can compare insurance on many compare sites but here is one to have a look at

4. Vaccinations – here is a link from the NHS which advises if you or your family need any vaccinations. NHS Advise. Even if you have plenty of time before your trip try to book your appointment in advance as some vaccinations have to be done months in advance of travel

5. Hire car or Shuttle services – Some holiday packages provide these service so double check if this is included but if not, shop around and get the best deal and giving yourself enough time will give you a better selection of cars. Keep the paperwork together with your passport and flight information and be sure to take copies with you. Here’s a link to compare hire companies

6. Suitcase – Shop around for the most suitable suitcase for you, check what type of security the suitcase has i.e. combination lock. Invest in suitcase scales (you can purchases these from any supermarket) to avoid going over your luggage limit and getting stuck with an extra unexpected cost. Pack or prepare your suitcase early so not to forget anything. Here is a handy tick list to help you pack The Holiday Let

7. Post and deliveries – Contact the post office or any subscriptions and ask them to hold your deliveries until you return or if you have a friend or keyholder arrange for them to make regular visits to collect your post and having someone regularly come and go will act as an excellent deterrent to burglars. If you have mail sticking through your letterbox it can give burglars a clue that you are not home

8. Look into a Keyholding service – Key holding services are not only there to respond to alarm activations but can also be arranged to water your plants, feed your cats or walk around the premise to review if anything looks out of place. Check out our sister company CMS Key Holding for more information 

Other tips and advice can be found on our Banham Blog

You can also fill in a survey request and take a look at the products and services we can offer while you’re there.

We wish you a wonderful trip and a safe return!

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