How to Make Sure Your Tree Is the Only Thing Lit Up This Christmas

29th November 2016 ◄ Back

Tis’ the season to be jolly. The lead up to Christmas is a very, if not the most, sociable time of the year. Many of us will attend various Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties or even host parties at home. A lot of preparation and hard work goes into making the perfect party but every year thousands are left with injuries or damage to their homes through neglect or not paying attention to small details.

To have fun and keep safe this party season read our top tips on fire safety.


Getting Dolled Up

Ladies, we all know that getting ready for any party can be chaotic especially a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party when we all endeavour to make an extra effort to wow. Your floor is covered in all kinds of heels, boots or play it safe flats and the only thing on your mind is which bag will go with the outfit you have spent ages searching for. Then makeup and hair… curled, straight, crimped, or wavy? Whichever hair style you choose it often involves a heated device to give you the desired look.

But did you turn the styling device off once you were finished? Check that you haven’t buried it under the pile of outfits that didn’t make the cut. It’s thought 650,000 house fires in the UK have been caused by a hair straightener.

Your hair styling devices aren’t the only thing that can potentially start a fire. Once you have chosen your perfect outfit, you want to look flawless and naturally, you give it a quick iron and rush to put it on…but did you turn the iron off? Always double check and never leave it near other objects while cooling down.

If you have left your property and get a sudden surge of panic that you have left your styling device on, CMS customers can arrange a professional Key Guard to check and switch them off for you.


Jingle Bell Rockin’

For many the highlight of the season is hosting the annual Christmas party and for it to be a hit with our guests, we go all out to turn our homes into a warm and welcoming winter wonderland. Nothing makes a fabulous festivity like the right decorations. However, it would be wise to decorate your home with some caution.

Check all Christmas lights are British Standard approved and never overload your plug sockets with several lights and electricals. Many decorations are flammable or burn easily so keep them away from lights and heaters.

Many fires start in the kitchen and it’s very easy to get distracted when your visitors arrive and you need to greet them. Try cooking food that can be prepared before your guests arrive or arrange for someone else to welcome guests while you finish cooking your festive feast. We also recommend keeping any young children out of the kitchen during this busy time.

The festive tradition of setting fire to Christmas puddings after the feast has been carried out by families for many centuries, one many of us may wish to carry on or fancy trying for the first time. Just to be safe have a fire blanket or fire extinguisher nearby before setting the flame. Hopefully, you won’t need it but, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Ending your night with a bang? Fireworks are very popular this time of year, however; thousands of people are left injured from letting off fireworks at home. Last year the NHS reported 4,506 people visited A&E for treatment of a firework-related injury.

Please take the time to read the instructions on the firework as well as read up on tips and advice online to ensure you have a safe and magical display.


Partied out

Sometimes your idea of a great night includes comfy pyjamas, a big mug of hot chocolate, a cheesy Christmas movie in front of the fire with candles lighting the rest of the room; your own winter paradise.

As perfect as that sounds, without care or attention, your winter paradise can quickly melt away. It’s very easy to fall asleep on a full stomach and surrounded by snuggly blankets so try to make sure any fires or candles are off or blown out before drifting off. Also, make sure Christmas lights around the tree are off when no one is home or before bed time, as the lights can over heat and set your tree alight.


Attention to detail

A few more tips to keep you safe, not only during the festive season but all year round:

  • Check your smoke alarm every month and regularly change the batteries
  • Keep a fire guard in front of any open fires
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or fire blanket to hand and keep it regularly serviced
  • Never leave an open flame such as a candle unattended

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