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Have you ever been gazing out the window of a bus, car or train and spotted a house that stands out from the rest?  Whether it’s the well-tended garden or the ideal location we have all experienced property envy.

But the thing that catches our eye, especially on a busy terraced street, is the doorway. The epitome of kerb appeal. As the saying goes “you only get one chance at first impressions”. With our advice you can wow your guests, neighbours and potential buyers without them setting foot inside. Your front door should be secure, stylish and the talk of the street!

Stylish and Secure Doors

Your front door is a necessity, it keeps the notorious British weather outside where it belongs and protects you from intruders. Consider it your first line of defence, as it represents your home’s general security level. If it looks neglected and unattended, burglars may think your home can be easily compromised. However, a well-attended and organised doorway can give the opposite impression. The front door is also the main attraction of your kerbside masterpiece. Why not make the most of it and invest in a high-security door that adds to your property’s kerb appeal? A pop of bright colour that contrasts with the colour of your home is a great way to revamp a tired entry way. Consider the style of your home and choose a colour accordingly.

Open it up

Enhance your doorway with fan and sidelights. They open up the space making it seem larger while highlighting the architectural style of your home.

Etched, patterned or toughened glass allows light to enter while keeping your home and belongings safe from wondering eyes.

Why not get even more creative and etch your door number into the glass.

Claim and frame it

It is important not to forget the door frame.  Treat the door frame like the frame for precious artwork. A bright white or raw wooden frame highlights the perfection that is your door.  Added hidden reinforcing hinge bolts and reinforcing strips will heighten the security of your door and frame.

Furnish to perfection

To ensure your doorway is the cream of the crop, purchase matching door furniture and locks for a seamless finish. This will keep your entry sophisticated and polished. Choose the right knobs, numbers and letter box to accentuate your door and give a hint or your personal style. Wonky numerals, badly painted names or unsightly plaques do no justice to a doorway. Of course, high-security locks are essential to protecting your home but they can look good. Invest in good locks and door furniture and remember cheap often looks cheap! You can’t go wrong with classic finishes such as brass, chrome or even black.

Add personality

Your doorway is the perfect place to get creative and decorative. Gorgeous features such as statement flower pots or brightly coloured step tiles are very on-trend and will make your home more inviting. If you are lucky enough to have a window located near your front door, matching the trim with the door will make for a polished final touch and give your home a cosy cottage feel.


Good lighting is a must for both convenience and safety. Why not have motion sensitive lighting around your door way and low voltage lights to illuminate path ways? Both are a great way to enhance security and save you from searching in the dark for keys. Lanterns on posts can add to the decorative aspect while also providing general lighting.

To start designing your new entrance contact us to arrange a free, non-obligation site survey.  You can also see more examples of Banham bespoke doors on our Instagram or Pinterest or by visiting our website

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