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Key Passing Fee


Orders placed using a 'Key Passing Fee' must be made bespoke by Banham and are subject to shipping delays. Before passing multiple locks alike manually, we strongly recommend that you browse our dedicated 'Lock Kits' selection.

Please note that when using a Key Passing Fee to build a custom kit, you will only ever receive two keys for your entire kit. Any additional keys will have to be purchased separately here.

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Product Code:
Please note Banham offers a survey and installation service on all products. If you purchase supply only and arrange installation at a later date an additional fitting charge will apply.
Fitted Price: £30.00

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Please note that if you are using an older version of our Banham Key, we may be unable to pass your existing key to your new locks.

If you are attempting to pass your existing key to any of the following;

  • NS3000
  • Any Bronze or Black Lock

  • You will need to contact our Trade Team before placing your order. You can do so via email at or by phone, 020 7622 5151.

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