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The exclusive and reliable procedures of our secure key registration service are designed to offer property owners complete security and peace of mind.

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The Banham Key Registration System

Banham has an effective Key Registration system for your convenience and security. With our fully audited system, you can have peace of mind that you are fully in control of your keys. We will only copy keys for individuals registered or authorised in our key registration system, and the total number of keys is recorded for additional security and peace of mind.

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For managing agents

To register a key, we require the Managing Agent to provide us with a signed copy of their Terms of Business or Contract with the landlord of the property. We also require an authorisation letter on company headed paper, signed by a Manager/Director. The letter of authorisation must include the information stated in the template letter detailed in ‘Instructions for Managing Agents to register a Banham Key’.

Once the property is registered under the Managing Agents name, the Managing Agent can authorise employees or tenants to make copies of the key by providing a letter of authorisation.

Information to include on the letter of authorisation can be found on our ‘Authorisation for Copying Banham Registered Keys Form’.

We will only cut keys for individuals who come to our showroom with the signed authorisation on company headed paper, the key, the Gold Card and photo ID.

For companies

In order to register a key to a property that is owned by a company, the company representative (or third party) must come to the showroom with a letter of authorisation on company letter headed paper. The authorisation should confirm the name of the individual registering, the key number, number of keys to be cut and authorisation to purchase Gold Cards (where necessary). The letter needs to be signed and dated by a Director of the company.

To cut a key, the authorised person must also come to the showroom with the key, the gold card and photo ID.

For tenants

If you are a tenant you will need a letter of authorisation from either the agent who manages the property or from the landlord and come to one of our showrooms with the key, the Gold Card, and Photo ID.

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