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If you are locked out and unable to access your property, call Banham on 020 7622 5151 for a quote and a locksmith callout. Read on for our guide on preventing future lock outs.

Front of House with Navy Blue Banham Door, Chrome Door Locks, Letter Plate, Door Knob, Eye View and Black RailingsFront of House with Navy Blue Banham Door, Chrome Door Locks, Letter Plate, Door Knob, Eye View and Black Railings

What to do if you’re locked out

1. Don’t panic and assess your options

Rest assured that we’re here to help you in an emergency such as a lockout. This guide is designed to help those who are currently locked out, as well as those looking to ease the stress of a future lock out.

If you are looking for an emergency locksmith callout, it’s important to ensure you are selecting a reputable, insured locksmith and not just the first phone number that appears in Google. There are many rogue locksmiths operating in the UK who take advantage of those in an emergency by charging extravagant prices and providing a poor service.

Banham locksmiths can attend your premises very quickly and are able to replace any lock, not just Banham locks. They are bonded and insured, as well as DBS checked – which is not always a guarantee with rogue locksmiths.

2. If you have a keyholder, contact them

If you have a designated keyholder with a spare copy of your keys, then proceed to contact them. If they’re unavailable or you don’t have a keyholder, then it’s a good idea to call a professional locksmith.

What is keyholding?

Our reliable Keyholding service permits a trained expert to bring a spare set of your keys should you be locked out. We look after a spare set of your keys in our highly secure centre and will dispatch one of our Key Guards to your location quickly to grant you access to your property.

Banham Keyholding hosts an array of additional services such as alarm response, delivering documents that have been left behind, pet feeding and more.

3. Call a professional locksmith

If you do not have a keyholder or a way of obtaining a spare key, calling a professional emergency locksmith is the best way to proceed.

Banham locksmiths operate 24/7, 365, and provide a top-quality, insured service and a fair price

What not to do if you’re locked out

  • Don’t break in through your windows or doors

Please do not attempt breaking your windows, doors or other entry points to get into your home. You will be risking seriously injuring yourself, as well as potentially invalidating your insurance.

  • Don’t pick your own lock

Attempting to pick your own lock is another way of potentially jeopardising your insurance and could also lead to further damage to your door and lock.

How to prepare for being locked out in the future

We strongly recommend you avoid hiding spare keys in places such as in a plant pot or under a doormat. By doing so, you will be posing a serious security threat to your property.

1. Choose a reliable keyholder

The best way to prepare for a lock out is to choose a reliable and professional keyholder. Our Keyholding team will look after a set of your keys in our secure, in-house centre and dispatch one of our trained Key Guards to your property, putting them in the perfect position to let you into your house with ease.

2. Find a reliable locksmith

Although you can’t always prepare for a lockout, the situation can be made easier and less stressful by finding a reputable and reliable professional locksmith that you trust in advance. Save their number on your phone, so you can avoid hiring an untrusted locksmith found on the internet. Banham locksmiths are available 24/7 and can be reached on 020 7622 5151. Here are some areas we cover; London, Maindenhead, Worthing, Guildford, Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

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