Locked Out of Your House? What to Do Next

Locked Out of Your House? What to Do Next

Whether you are locked out this moment, or if you’re worried about getting locked out in the future, this guide will help you formulate a plan of action.

Getting locked out of the house can happen for a variety of perfectly understandable reasons. You may have left your keys in the car, at the office, lost them while you were out, or left them inside the very house you are trying to access.

Unfortunately, getting locked out is all too easy; it’s the getting back in that’s more difficult. Whether you are locked out this very moment, or if you’re worried about getting locked out in the future, this guide will help you formulate a plan of action.

What to do if you’re currently locked out

Don’t panic

Try your best to keep a level head. It’s natural to worry in a situation like this, but you must ensure that your anxiety does not influence a poor decision. For example, rushing to hire the nearest emergency locksmith or calling the first number that shows up in Google search could do more harm than good, if they’re one of the many rogue locksmiths operating in the UK.

Locate your spare keys

If you’ve ever given someone a spare key, now is the time to contact them. This could be a member of your family, a friend, or a professional keyholding service. If any of these people are close enough to bring you your keys, your worries will be over. But make sure to change your door locks or cylinders after regaining access to your house to ensure that even if the misplaced set of keys falls into the wrong hands, your home’s security is not compromised in any way.

Call a professional locksmith

If you have never had spare keys cut, or if the people who have your spare keys are unable to attend your property, calling a professional locksmith is the best way to proceed. If your house has a Banham lock, contact our locksmiths for a peerless service from trained engineers who know the brand best. Additionally, we can guarantee the lowest service fee for all Banham products.

It is understandable that in emergency situations like a lockout, sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious. To avoid a potential locksmith scam, make sure that you confirm with them over the phone that they are indeed an official Banham locksmith and not a local or third party locksmith that could do a subpar job and charge extortionate fees.

Always bear in mind that trustworthy locksmiths will be certified by the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) –Banham locksmiths are member of the MLA. They’ll agree to a price before they carry out a job, and won’t have hidden fees. Read our article on choosing a locksmith for more information.

Don’t break in through your windows

Breaking in through the window may be a natural thought when faced with being locked out. This is not advisable. Ideally, your windows will be too secure for you to force open from the outside. Even if you did manage to get in via this method, there are several negative repercussions, from injury to invalidating your insurance.

Don’t pick your own lock

Another impulse felt by many is to attempt to act as their own “locksmith” with little to no knowledge of the subject. Attempting to open a locked door with a credit card, contrary to popular fiction, is unlikely to yield positive results. Anyone who tries this is more likely to end up without access to their card or home.

How to prepare for being locked out in the future

Invest in a keyholding service

The best way to prepare for a home lockout is to sign up for a keyholding service like our subsidiary company, CMS Keyholding. Professional keyholding companies keep a copy of your key and employ trained key guards who can attend your property at short notice. This puts them in the perfect position to let you into your house when you’re locked out with the minimum of fuss.

Find a reliable locksmith

You may not need one this instant, but finding a locksmith you trust can take time. Though it is possible to find one at short notice, it is better to take time over the process to be certain you won’t fall victim to a costly scam or fraudster.

Carry ID with you

We’re often asked, “how will the locksmith know it’s my house?” Many locksmiths will require identification before they proceed with unlocking your door, but it depends heavily on the circumstances. If you’re locked out in slippers and pyjamas because the door has slammed behind you, a locksmith may ask your neighbours to identify you. On the other hand, if the door is fully locked and you are fully dressed, the locksmith will likely need proof of address and identification documents. If home lockouts are a frequent worry, it’s best to carry ID and proof of address with you at all times.

Whether you are locked out, need a door lock or cylinder change or for any other lock-related issue, we are an MLA approved company and locksmiths are available 24/7, 7 days a week.

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