Locksmith Prices: What Should You Be Paying?

Locksmith Prices: What Should You Be Paying?

Gain a good idea of what professional locksmith prices should be, and ensure you are not paying over the odds next time you need a lock fixed or changed.

Locksmith Prices

Prices – GBP £ Standard Hours Standard Hourly Rates From

Weekend / Out-of-hours Rates From

 Service call/ lock-out   £95  £126
 Additional half hour labour   £48  £48
Safe service/ opening charge for the first hour   £195  £195

Safe service charge outside M25 for the first hour

 £263  £263
Additional half hour safe labour charge  £98  £98


We believe in our prices and charge per hour to avoid any large upfront costs. If only one or two locks need changing, it's reasonable to expect this to be completed in an under an hour.

Over 6,500 untrained locksmiths operate in the UK and can charge wild prices while providing an unsatisfactory service. They can often depend on a customer's vulnerability when in an emergency, such as being locked out from their home.

Our MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) approved Locksmiths are trained to supply and fix all locks to the highest standard and abide by our clear pricing structure.

If you're looking for a larger job, for example if you are moving into a new property and need all the door and windows lock changes, then you can Book a Free Survey with us here.



Request a survey to discover how we can help with your unique requirements. Call us for advice on 020 7622 5151 or fill out our online request form and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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