Should You Rekey Or Replace Your Door locks?

Should You Rekey Or Replace Your Door locks?

If you're wondering whether you should rekey or replace your door locks, this guide is for you. Learn the differences between rekeying and replacing locks.

If you make the decision to change your door locks, there are two ways to do so. A good locksmith can help you determine whether you simply need to rekey a lock or if you need to replace the lock altogether.

Not only can Banham locksmiths provide reliable recommendations on whether rekeying or replacing your door locks is more suited to your needs, they can also guarantee a proper and professional installation. The latter is an extremely important consideration, as a lock is only as effective as the professional who installed it.

How does rekeying a lock work?

To rekey a lock, a trained locksmith will usually replace the old cylinder with a new one which features different pins that are operated by a different key. Unless a lock is malfunctioning or a totally different style is desired, many locks can be rekeyed and kept in service.

The process of rekeying also allows a locksmith to examine the condition of the lock as well as its installation, and take action the necessary actions. In most cases, they can help reduce the deterioration of a lock by applying a dry lubricant or tightening fittings. They might also indicate that a lock needs replacing.

Replacing locks

Under certain circumstances, locks wear past the point where rekeying can sufficiently improve their function. This also gives a good opportunity to upgrade the type of locks you have. If you’re serious about securing your property and protecting your family, it makes sense to stay up to date with the latest locking hardware.

You might also wish to replace locks for aesthetic reasons. You can choose from many different types of door locks, and take the opportunity to find a door lock with a different finish that will blend in with the rest of your home’s exterior and interior design. Mortice and rim locks also have different appearances. A highly trained professional locksmith, like all Banham Engineers, will also ensure minimal damage is done to your door when they replace your locks.

Other types of door locks can further improve accessibility. Lever handle locks are particularly easy to operate, and there are deadbolts available with an internal thumbturn that can be operated without grasping. Electronic locks are also becoming popular, but it’s important to remember that they offer greater convenience, but not necessarily increased security.

Consulting with a professional locksmith is the best method to determine which process suits your needs. Whatever the reason, and whichever method, when it's time to replace the locks in your home, contact the experts at Banham. We offer a range of high-quality door locks and specialist installation services to help protect you and your family.


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