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Moving House Security Tips & Considerations

Moving into a new house is exciting but it can also prove quite a stressful and time consuming experience. Amidst the turmoil of packing all your belongings, dealing with real estate agents, settling issues with landlords and other involved parties, it’s only natural that the element of home security could get overlooked.

While that is understandable, you shouldn’t lose sight of what is important – properly safeguarding the wellbeing of your family, yourself and the security of your new home.

Moving house provides a window of opportunity to thieves and burglars as the security of your valuables, as well as that of your new property, are at their most vulnerable state.

As it’s evident by the British Crime Survey, it’s almost twice as likely for people who are living for less than a year in their new home to be burgled. The data is alarming and it’s more than enough to raise a red flag and highlight the importance of taking the necessary precautions and all the essential security measures before, during and right after moving into a new house.

Moving House Top Security Tips

To this end, we have compiled a comprehensive list with actionable security tips for every stage of the moving process – from the moment you are trying to decide which area is the best fit for you, until the time you settle in and enjoy your cosy, new home.

Before you move homes

Before moving into a new property, you must ensure that you have done the necessary due diligence.

  • Check the area and postcode for local crime stats. Both the Police and UK crime stats feature comprehensive databases that can shed some light into how safe your prospective new neighbourhood is.
  • Visit the neighbourhood and scout the surrounding area yourself.
  • Speak with your new neighbours and the current residents of the property and enquire about the area and about possible past burglary incidents that have occurred prior to your moving in. No one will be able to provide a better insight than your next-door neighbour who may have been living in the area all their life.

Moving from your old house to your new one

When you’re moving into your new home, there are several time-sensitive security considerations that demand your attention:

  • There is no doubt that most of your belongings, including your valuables, will be tucked away in boxes. Make sure that you don’t leave them in plain sight, for example, in front of windows. They can provide the incentive a burglar needs to attempt breaking into your new home.
  • On the same day you move in, enlist the services of a professional, MLA-approved locksmith to change all external door locks or cylinders to ensure that only you have access to your property. You can never be sure how many people have a copy of the keys to your home. Your new door locks should comply with the British Standard 3621, as most Banham locks do, for insurance purposes and to ensure the highest levels of security. Under no circumstances should you try changing the door locks yourself. Steer clear of DIY solutions altogether to avoid possible security risks and/or even hurting yourself in the process.
  • A professionally fitted letterbox protector is something that a lot of homeowners forget. Letterbox protectors are extremely affordable and can save you from a lot of trouble as they add an additional layer of security to your external front door.
  • Don’t advertise the fact that you just moved in as it could put a target on your house for opportunist burglars and thieves. For example, abstain from announcing it over social media and uploading photos of the exterior or interior of your new home.
  • Check the garage and/or shed – are they secured with a key lock or a padlock? If that’s the case, don’t forget to change the lock or invest in a new padlock.
  • If there’s an existing home alarm system, speak with the previous owners in order to acquire the system code and then change it immediately – and periodically after that. As you don’t know the state of the existing system, it’s strongly advisable to contact a professional security company to have the intruder alarm assessed and ensure it operates properly.
  • A maintenance and monitoring contract will go a long way to increasing the security of your property and to lowering your insurance premiums.
  • Check all window locks for possible wear or damage and replace them immediately to enhance the security of the more vulnerable entry points.

After you moved house

The move may be over but there are still a few security issues that you should take into consideration.

  • Do not leave your keys in flower pots, under the mats or in other obvious ‘safe’ places. If you know these places, so do the thieves.
  • If your new house isn’t equipped with an intruder alarm system, schedule an installation as soon as possible. At Banham, we offer free on-site surveys – one of our highly-skilled surveyors will attend your premises, assess the security needs of your property and suggest a plan of action custom tailored to your needs.
  • Avoid installing fake alarm bell boxes as thieves usually monitor a house carefully before attempting to break in and they are experienced in identifying dummy burglar alarms.
  • Have a replacement set of keys cut for emergencies which is stored in a safe location and always make sure to account for all keys cut and issued for your property. Banham’s unique key registration system will give you complete control over the security of your keys as they are patent-protected.

Consider enlisting the services of a professional keyholding company, like CMS Keyholding. From safeguarding an extra set of keys and attending your premises on intruder or fire alarm activations, to feeding your pets and providing short term property protection, our SIA-licensed Key Guards will go above and beyond to ensure that your premises are secure and everything is under control.

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