Dear Customer,

We notice that your routine maintenance inspection has not yet been re-booked, so please contact us to schedule your maintenance check.

We understand that over the course of the pandemic, you may not have wanted us to attend however, please be reassured of our safety procedures, even with the lifting of Government restrictions recently.

To keep you safe, we have:

  • Issued all our engineers with enhanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hand hygiene and cleaning supplies. 
  • on-site risk assessments and clear site conduct procedures to ensure we can carry out our visit safely, and not put anyone at unnecessary risk. 
  • Made all our staff aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and have instructed them to stay at home if they or anyone in their household has symptoms.
  • An enhanced sick pay policy for Covid-19 related isolation. 
  • Supported our staff to get protected through vaccinations - we ensure all staff are given time off to have their Coronavirus vaccines on full pay.
  • Offer regular asymptomatic testing and all our engineers are provided with lateral flow tests and required to test twice a week.

How you can help keep yourself and our engineers safe:

  • Please inform us ahead of our visit if you or anyone at the property is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or is isolating or quarantining due to COVID-19. In these circumstances we will re-book your appointment at no extra charge.
  • To protect you and our engineer, we request that you wear a face covering when we are visiting your property and in the presence of our engineer. Our engineers have supplies of disposable face coverings available if required. We appreciate that some customers may not be able to wear a face covering for medical reasons, in which case please kindly inform our engineer
  • Let us know if you or anyone at the property is shielding or at particularly high risk. We can attend with your agreement, but as a precaution request that the individual isolates in a room away from our engineer.
  • Observe social distancing and where possible keep the area where our engineer is working vacant.

We do advise that the maintenance inspection is booked as soon as possible to ensure that the running of your security system is not compromised.

If any faults develop in the meantime, we can send out an emergency service engineer, but this would be a chargeable call, so we would recommend you book in your maintenance inspection to avoid any additional charges.

Please contact the maintenance team via maintenance@banham.com or on 020 7819 3707 to book your maintenance inspection.

Yours faithfully,

The Maintenance Department



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