Reduce the risk of fires from home electricals

30th January 2017 ◄ Back
Tumble dryer fire

January, the longest month of the year (or so it seems). The Christmas excitement is over and we are all focused on our new year resolutions. But that expensive gym membership won’t be the only thing you purchase this month, winter sales are almost over. Many of us have replaced our appliances such as TV’s, ovens, tumble dryers etc. But do you know the fire risks behind some of these electrical products? 

We have put together some helpful tips to help you prevent a fire and contain a fire if an unfortunate event takes place.

Research is key

Nowadays the internet is only a reach away which means research couldn’t be easier!

Once you have decided which make and model you desire, run a quick check on reviews, check the news, check if there is any small print that shouldn’t be missed

How to prevent a fire

-It’s important that you keep a close eye on your electrical equipment, watch for frayed or torn cords and wires. The insulation on wires can also tear in places that you can’t see, and cause a fire when up against flammable material.

-Never run a cord under furniture or materials where cables can overheat. More and more often many people especially younger people fall asleep with their phone charging, leaving their phone trapped in bed sheets or under the pillow. This causes the phone to overheat and could create a fire.  At bed time leave the phone on a bedside table or away from bedding.

-Never use faulty equipment or an imitation charger, not only can these be a fire hazard, they can actually damage your device. “99% of counterfeit Apple chargers bought online fail a basic safety test” – CTSI

-Any electrical job in your home should be done by a professional. Do-it-yourself electrical jobs very often go bad, simply because they’re not performed completely and properly. This is no time to take a shortcut or save money.

How to contain a Fire

If the unfortunate happens and a fire occurs, make sure you are prepared!

To put out an electrical fire, unplug the device if possible, cover the fire in a fire blanket. Another option is a fire extinguisher, normally recommended to stay in the kitchen.

Stop it before it grows

It is always strongly recommended that you install smoke detectors throughout your home.  They can help warn you about any fire before if it gets out of hand. It is important that you check the batteries at least once a month.

To find out if your home is prepared if a fire was to break out, arrange a free site survey. Our security advisers will be able to help point out any areas that require extra attention.

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