Freestanding Safes

Kensington MK/II

Available in different specifications.


£4,000 cash
£40,000 jewellery

  • Product Features

  • Ideal home safe for both valuables and papers
  • Unique sliding top bolt helps secure door against pry attacks
  • Choice of key or electronic locking
  • Batteries are located externally so you are never locked out in the event of power failure
  • Removable shelf in each model
  • Back and base fixing
AISapproved   securedesign   ECBS - darker blue
Officially Police Approved under The Secured By Design Scheme and approved by AIS
Model Size 1 Size 2
Ext (HWDmm) 300x350x312 300x445x412
Int (HWDmm) 220x270x195 220x365x295
Weight 19kg 25kg
Model Size 3 Size 4
Ext (HWDmm) 450x445x412 600x445x412
Int (HWDmm) 370x365x295 520x365x295
Weight 31kg 42kg
Model Size 5 Size 6
Ext (HWDmm) 800x445x412 1000x445x412
Int (HWDmm) 720x365x295 920x365x295
Weight 53kg 63kg