Freestanding Safes

Mayfair MK/II Grade 2

Available in different specifications.


£17,500 cash
£175,000 jewellery

  • Product Features

  • Independently tested and certified by ECBS to EN1143-1 Grade 2
  • Double walled steel body and door filled with ultra high performance concrete and special armouring devices
  • Three way locking bolts
  • Relocking device secures door in case of attack
  • Option of left hand hinge**
  • High security key lock as standard
  • Option of mechanical combination, electronic PIN or biometric locks
  • Option of dual locking*
  • Height adjustable shelving
  • Back and base fixing
  • *Not size 0,1 **subject to 8 weeks lead time.
AISapproved   securedesign   ECBS - darker blue
Officially Police Approved under The Secured By Design Scheme and approved by AIS
Model Size 0 Size 1
Ext (HWDmm) 460x470x 525 500x510x565
Int (HWDmm) 370x380x330 410x420x370
Weight 160kg 186kg
Model Size 2 Size 3
Ext (HWDmm) 670x510x565 610x680x565
Int (HWDmm) 580x420x370 520x590x370
Weight 259kg 294kg
Model Size 4 Size 5
Ext (HWDmm) 810x680x565 1010x680x565
Int (HWDmm) 720x590x370 920x590x370
Weight 362kg 419kg
Model Size 6 Size 7
Ext (HWDmm) 1320x680x565 1510x850x655
Int (HWDmm) 1230x590x370 1395x740x450
Weight 530kg 790kg