Freestanding Safes

Chelsea MK/III

Available in different specifications.



£4,000 cash
£40,000 jewellery

  • Product Features

  • Approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS)
  • 30 minute fire resistance
  • High security key lock or electronic locking option
  • Drill protection around the lock
  • 19mm polished chrome plated steel locking bolts
  • Adjustable and removable shelf (sizes 4 and 5 have two shelves)
  • Smart, practical interior design to suit home and office users
  • Suitable for back or base fixing
AISapproved   securedesign   ECBS - darker blue
Officially Police Approved under The Secured By Design Scheme and approved by AIS
Model Size 0 K/E Size 1 K/E
Ext (HWDmm) 275x325x325 330x450x380
Int (HWDmm) 200x250x225 255x375x285
Weight 26kg 40kg
Volume 11 l 27 l
Model Size 2 K/E Size 3 K/E
Ext (HWDmm) 430x360x400 470x490x410
Int (HWDmm) 355x285x295 385x375x295
Weight 41kg 56kg
Volume 30 l 42 l
Model Size 3 Deep K/E Size 4 K/E
Ext (HWDmm) 470x490x545 660x490x410
Int (HWDmm) 385x375x430 575x375x295
Weight 72kg 73kg
Volume 62 l 63 l
Model Size 5 K/E
Ext (HWDmm) 860x490x410
Int (HWDmm) 775x375x295
Weight 91kg
Volume 85 l