Wall Safes



£4,000 cash
£40,000 jewellery

  • Product Features

  • Independently attack tested and certified to EN14450-S2 by ICIM*
  • Easily concealed wall safe
  • Designed to be set in reinforced concrete
  • High security key lock or electronic lock option
  • Electronic lock includes flush keypad, emergency override key and external battery power point in case of lock out
  • *Not models: DK1/DT-1P & DK3B/DT3BP
Model DK-1 / DT-1P DK-3B / DT-3BP
Ext (HWDmm) 210x270x150 210x340x150
Int (HWDmm) 185x245x100 185x315x100
Weight 10kg 13kg
Model DK-4 / DT-4P DK-5 / DT-5P
Ext (HWDmm) 270x390x200 340x460x200
Int (HWDmm) 245x365x150 315x435x150
Weight 20kg 26kg