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Watch Winder Boxes for Bespoke Safes

Watch Winder Boxes for Bespoke Safes

Keep your watch collection safe and secure with a bespoke Banham safe. Our completely customisable safes can be integrated with as many Watch Winder boxes as you require.
Navy Banham Door with Chrome Door Knob and Letter PlateNavy Banham Door with Chrome Door Knob and Letter Plate

What is a Watch Winder Box?

Watch Winder boxes are a customisable feature you can integrate with your Banham bespoke safe. As well as safely storing your watches, the Watch Winder safe prevents them from becoming damaged by slowly rotating, stopping the internal mechanism from drying up. Using a Watch Winder safe also ensures the time and date on your automatic watches are accurate and always ready for you to wear.

Watch Winder Benefits

There are many benefits of having a Watch Winder safe including;

  • The constant movement stops the oil from building up in one spot and damaging the internal mechanism
  • Protects your watch collection from getting lost or damaged
  • Stops your watches from drying up, minimising repair costs
  • Ensures your watches are always set at the correct date and time for your convenience
  • Your watches are kept secure in an insurance-approved Banham safe
  • Design your own custom bespoke watch winder safe

Watch Winder Design

Our Watch Winder Boxes boast a slim design. The inside cup is available in a variety of materials including uncoated, flocked or leather covered depending on your preferences. Mechanically, the Watch Winder Box has strong bearings to rotate even heavy watches.

Discuss your options with a Safes specialist

Connect with an experienced Safes specialist today to discuss your Watch Winder and Bespoke Safe options. We can design a Safe to suit your unique insurance, security, and design requirements. Discuss your options by clicking below to book a free survey.