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Arrival on site

1. Our engineer will arrive on site and inform the customer of their arrival by calling (if phone number is available) or using the bell/door knocker/entry system if unable to contact you by phone.

2. The engineer will display their ID card, and run through a short on-site risk assessment, before entering the property.  This will be conducted by phone, or in person at a two-metre distance.

3. On completion of the On-Site Risk Assessment, we request that the customer moves away allowing the engineer to enter the property at a safe distance.

4. Before entering the property, the engineer will ensure that full PPE is worn;

  • Face protection
  • Gloves
  • Shoe covers

During site visit

5. We request that the customer and any other members of the household observe a two-metre distance from the engineer at all times and avoid the engineers working area.

6. If possible, the customer should wait in an agreed place where the engineer does not need to perform any checks of the system (for example a room without any Banham equipment, or in the garden or other outside area).

7. Should the engineer have any queries or need to speak to the customer during the site visit, he will do at a two metre distance from the customers.

8. If the customer has any queries during the site visit, we request that this is done by maintaining a two-metre distance at all times.

9. The engineer has antibacterial wipes and can wipe down the alarm panel, and any other equipment, as necessary.

10. The engineer will remove any of his own waste from site.

Completion of the on-site maintenance inspection

11. The engineer will alert the customer on completion of the maintenance inspection from a distance and that they will be leaving the property.

12. Given the current situation, we will not be requiring the customer to provide a signature on the engineer’s device.  We will send a copy of the maintenance inspection report by email to the email on account. Please update your email address by emailing if this has changed.