Roller Shutters

Shutters, security shutters, roller shutters or continental shutters as they are also known offer an impenetrable physical barrier against intruders, burglars and vandals for both commercial and private properties.

Their unobtrusive design is usually in keeping with planning authority requirements as they provide effective security in their expanded form, for example at night, and can easily be retracted to hide them and conserve your property’s aesthetics during the day.

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Officially Police Approved under The Secured By Design Scheme

Security Roller Shutters & Garage Doors

The Banham security shutters and garage doors range has been designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to property protection, preventing crimes such as vandalism and burglary.

Our roller shutters, window security shutters, ornamental grilles and bars offer a very high level of security. Thanks to our private manufacturing facility, products can be made to measure and finished in a range of colours to suit your requirements.


Continental Shutters

Continental electric shutters are an increasingly popular method of protection for both commercial and residential properties. When fitted, the security shutter offers exceptional strength as well as heat and sound insulation, shading, blackout and privacy benefits.

Our continental security shutters are crafted to have an exceptionally neat finish. This is due to the unique compact aluminium boxes and slim line roller shutter design.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Banham insulated roller garage doors are robust, reliable and offer secure protection for both car and home. Aluminium slats lock into position to resist attack by intruders while advanced insulation and brush sealing act to make the doors completely weatherproof.

Utilising state-of-the-art rolling code technology the security door can be operated and locked remotely, as well as offering the flexibility to manually operate the roller shutters from the garage in the instance of a power failure. An optional external override is also available if required.

We endeavour to ensure all our security shutter solutions function to a high standard, using vertical opening systems to give you maximum use of your drive space and the option to park safety just inches from the door.

Security Shutters

These unobtrusive slimline window shutters are styled to blend with their surrounding, whilst also offering exceptional security and strength for small to medium size apertures.

We are able to fit both internal and external window shutters. These fittings offer the additional benefits of heat and sound insulation, shading, blackout and enhanced privacy.

Unlike many other security shutter designs, all our solid aluminium profiles are double walled to provide an exceptional level of security.

Installation Options

Roller shutters can be installed around the reveal internally or externally, depending on the window or door configuration and client preference. All our security shutters require a sill or flat solid floor to close down onto.

External window shutters offer protection against burglary and vandalism, making them exceptional security measures for industrial installations such as garages and workshop entrances.

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Steel Roller Shutters

These shutters are fitted externally and offer protection against burglary and vandalism making them exceptional security measures for industrial installations such as garages and workshop entrances.

  • Manually or electrically operated
  • Galvanised silver steel finish
  • Can be installed to Loss Prevention Standard 1171-1
  • Available as solid or perforated
  • Delivers up to 25% vision (when back lit)
  • Spans widths up to 5000mm
  • Can be powder coated any RAL/BS colour
  • Flexibility to mix solid and vision slats together when only partial vision is required
  • Will reverse coil if required (will increase coil size)

Electric Security Shutters

In order to provide comprehensive security in times of power failure, we offer the option of installing our electric security shutters with a manual override system. This can be installed for internal or external use, but not both.

Control Options

Wall-Mounted Control Unit & Handsets

With touch-sensitive technology, Banham Smoove control units interact intuitively and naturally with the surrounding environment. You can tailor the program to meet your specific requirements, using standard control movements to create a “favourite” motion.

Chronis Smart RTS

Advanced roller shutter technology means it is now easy to program your window security shutters to open in the morning and close in evening at the times you choose. These settings can be varied to suit different days of the week depending on your schedule.

This is a particularly effective security feature. It acts as a presence simulator, enabling you to make it look as if someone is at home even when you're away on holiday.

Roller shutter Battery Backup

Below is a list of the key features of our roller shutter battery backup unit:

  • Unit can be set to provide back up for 31 or 100 days
  • Minimum of 5 complete open and close shutter cycles in standby mode
  • Energy saving sleep mode
  • 25 or 45 second run time options
  • A hand transmitter is included with the battery backup unit as standard for seasonal daylight variation.

See Banham’s shutter range at a showroom

We have a number of showrooms where you can view our range of security shutters, and talk to our experienced team of security industry professionals.

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