Banham Security



Years of service

We've been providing security to London and the southeast since 1926.



Still a family business at heart, we continue to invest in the security experts of tomorrow.


Security installations

With our breadth of knowledge and experience there's no security requirement we can't meet.

Banham Security Home Door

nearly a century of safer homes

protect your home

With affordable security of the highest quality, we can give you the peace of mind that your home and loved ones are safe and secure.

Peter Edwards

End-to-end security

Protect your business

Let us cover your business from all angles with our comprehensive security solutions, bespoke-designed to protect your premises and always offering value for money.


Key Registration

Ensure you have total control of your keys. We will only copy our Banham patented keys for people registered or authorised on our unique key registration system and in possession of a Gold Card. This means your keys can never be copied without your consent.



Any security design

Bespoke services

At Banham we offer property security that’s tailored to you. From a luxury safe and beautiful front door for your home to an integrated security system for your business, we can meet any requirement.

Moving Home

Moving Home? We'll make it easy

Have you inherited a Banham product or are you moving house and want to continue protecting your property with us? Talk to our in-house team about how we can make securing your new property simple.


Banham Academy

At Banham Academy we’re committed to fostering talent, mentoring the security engineers of the future through comprehensive training and apprenticeships. This ensures we are continually investing in the future of property security and the next generation of engineers.


Sign up to be a trade customer for discounts and benefits. We offer special trade packages to ensure all of your security requirements are met at affordable prices.

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