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Your home's security can now extend to your car

Banham Car Shield

Our innovative new Banham Car Shield protects your vehicle and its content by linking to your Banham alarm system.

As a new line of defence against car thefts, Banham Car Shield acts as a powerful deterrent. It then triggers your home alarm in the event of an attempted entry or theft.

What is Banham Car Shield?


Banham Car Shield is an innovative extension of our trusted protection for your home. It comprises a secure, compact and visible device, usually attached to your vehicle’s steering wheel.

How does it work?


Banham Car Shield harnesses wireless technology, extending your home security zone to include your vehicle and its contents.

When Banham Car Shield is armed, and within a working range of the alarm control panel (subject to environmental conditions) it uses motion sensors or vibrations to detect any attempt to force entry into the vehicle and triggers an alert on your Banham home intruder alarm.

This product is designed as an early warning system to notify you that there is an event occurring with your vehicle(s). It is not designed to link into your alarm's policed monitoring services.




If you already have a Banham alarm system, you can easily upgrade it to include Banham Car Shield.

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Fully protect your home and vehicles with a Banham alarm system, and you can benefit from nearly a century of security expertise with the added security of  24/7 monitoring and a keyholding service. We never provide generic off-the-shelf security, all our products and services are bespoke made to fit the unique security and design requirements of your home. Find out more about our alarms.