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Moving home

Whether you’re an existing Banham customer moving into a new home or a new customer who’s inherited Banham products, we’re here to make it as easy and affordable as possible to get your home security properly set up.



  • Is your front door secure?
  • Are your locks insurance approved?
  • Who has copies of your keys? If you’re not sure, change your locks.
  • Are you happy with the colour and style of your front door and locks?
  • Do you have a working alarm that meets your insurance requirements and know how to use it?
  • How secure are your windows?
  • Do you need a safe for your valuables?
  • Do you need someone to monitor your property?
  • Do you need keyholder response to respond to alarm activations when you are away?
  • Have you thought about fire & C.O. detection?

London House with Banham Security
Moving home
Existing Products

I'm moving Into a home with existing Banham products - what do I do next?

If you’re a new customer who has moved into a home with Banham products, our friendly staff are here to provide a warm welcome. We’ll help you take over the account and make the process as smooth as possible.

  • We’ll provide a demonstration of your inherited products and check that they are all working correctly
  • We’ll discuss any service options associated with each of the products; there are no onerous contracts, and should you decide to proceed with one, you can cancel at anytime
  • We can also tell you how many keys you should have with your locks and can change them right then and there if you wish
Existing Customer

I'm an existing Banham customer moving into a new home

Your customer loyalty is important to us, which is why we make it easy and affordable for existing customers to get set up again with Banham in their new home.

  • If you have an existing alarm contract or if you’re buying an alarm & lock combo, we’ll give you a loyalty offer and help get everything up and running so that the transition is smooth
  • We’ll advise you on which security solutions will work for your home and can also change your lock cylinders
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