Door Locks

EL4000 Rim Deadbolt

EL4000 Rim Deadbolt with Electric Release. Please Note: The EL4000 Rim Deadbolt lock is inward opening only, suitable for doors with a thickness between 30mm and 53mm. For doors thicker than 53mm, we need to extend the cylinder so please contact us.            

  • Product Features

  • Cylinder & key protected by patent.
  • 12 volt AC / DC.
  • 6 pin drill resistant cylinder.
  • Maximum security differs.
  • With key registration system, protected by patent and copyright, to ensure keys cannot be copied without authorisation
  • Secure 10" striker plate on door frame.
  • Saw resistant steel bolt.
  • Self deadlocking latch bolt.
  • Can be operated with the same key as Banham M2002/3, L2000, padlocks & collapsible gates.
  • Inward opening only
  • Available with either AC / DC releases
MLA Lock Certification Secured By Design Certification