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How to Add Value To Your House

No one can deny that first impressions matter and sometimes they can make or break the successful sale of a house. A property looking unappealing on the outside can harm the prospects of selling it irreversibly or missing out on a much higher sale price. Why not consider investing some money and little of your time to achieve a huge return on your investment?

An aesthetically pleasing exterior can add prestige and additional value points to your house. Whether you want to improve its appearance for yourself or planning on selling it, a few minor tweaks to the exterior will go a long way to skyrocketing its kerb appeal.

Read on to discover seven easily implementable methods to add to your home’s kerb appeal and transform it into an envy-worthy property.


1. Start with a well-kept garden

Having a well-manicured garden should be a given and a top priority as it doesn’t require any significant financial or time investment, especially if the property is situated in an urban location where gardens and back yards are usually quite small. Sometimes it’s as simple as mowing the lawn and keeping the hedges trimmed. According to the Telegraph, a well-maintained garden can add up to a whopping £60,000 to your property value!

Another important point to bear in mind if your objective is to make your house more enticing to potential buyers, is to keep the garden’s upkeep as low as possible. A high-maintenance garden, whilst it may look beautiful, it will deter potential buyers who will perceive it as an inconvenience rather than a positive asset.

Finally, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind. Homeowners value their privacy; consequently, a secluded and functional back-garden is a great selling point. Place some high plants or a tall fence around the perimeter to ensure privacy and install some electrical outlets to add to its autonomy. A shed or a small outhouse is an extremely enticing feature to have as well, but depending on the materials used and how well equipped you want it to be, it may prove quite an expensive endeavour.


2. Install an appealing and secure front gate

The front gate is literally the entrance to your property. Regardless of where your house is located, an impressive front gate will ensure a positive first impression. When selecting your gate, you need to make sure that it’s in harmony with the rest of the exterior, and above all, with the period of the house. At Banham, we offer a wide range of gates designs, but you can order completely bespoke designs to perfectly complement your house.


3. Select the right door

The front door to your house is the epicentre of its façade and the first place potential buyers will lay their eyes upon. It’s easy to overlook a neglected door because you look at it every day and imperfections like peeling paint, cracks and marks – while they may seem ordinary to you – to the potential buyer are red flags hinting a neglected property and a purchase deterrent.

If your door has suffered damage to its surface, have it painted in the colour of your choice and ensure it blends nicely with the rest of the house colours. Alternatively, if you want to make a bolder contrasting statement you can opt for a vibrant vivid colour. Finally, bear in mind that selecting the right door isn’t just a matter of design but one of security as well.

At Banham, we can build your high-security door from scratch, which means that it’s completely bespoke down to the size, design, shape and colour. Banham doors are often constructed from Accoya wood which offers excellent durability and a sustainably high performance for an increased lifespan. Furthermore, all door panels feature a 1.5mm steel sheet in the centre for additional security. Door panels can also be ordered with security glass that’s either frosted or clear and with numerals or fonts etched in the glass. You can order all our door sets in a RAL colour of your preference with the option to have a different finish on each side to match the interior and exterior of your home respectively.


4. Quality door furniture are important

A beautiful door requires the right accessories. Door knobs, numerals, letter plates and door knockers can add prestige and an attention to detail that will boost the appearance of your house, and consequently, its sale price. Whilst it may look minor in the grand scheme of things, a shiny chrome set of numerals proudly indicating the house number with a matching door knob and letter plate, will accentuate the exterior design of your house and add to its overall value.

Browse our comprehensive range of door furniture, including door knobs, knockers, letter plates, letterbox protectors, numerals, and door chains that you can order in a selection of various finishes.


5. Windows

Another usually overlooked element of your home’s front side are its windows. They are the second most important focal point after the front door and keeping them in top condition should be a priority. Damaged or chipped frames with peeling paint are common problems among residential, and commercial, properties. Ensure that you thoroughly check the condition of your windows frequently to identify any underlying issues early on. Double-glazed windows is another sought-after feature of desired properties.

Bear in mind that windows serve a security purpose as well. Strong, double-glazed glass with high-security locks is a necessary measure to ensure that the sensitive entry points to your house are secure. If you want to go a step further, security grilles are the best option for adding to their protection levels.


6. Flowers will add colour and life

Sometimes, improving the exterior of your home can come down to something as simple as a few flowers in the right places around the garden. Whilst it may require some planning ahead to have a colourful garden all year round, it’s well worth the effort as this is one of the most economical ways to spruce up the exterior of your house. A pair of planters with box topiaries on both sides of the front door is one of the most popular and traditional choices.


7. Final touches all around

Preserving the outside of your house and ensuring it’s well-kept at all times, is an ongoing process that requires attention to detail. Always start with the basics like decluttering your front and back yards from unnecessary items and rubbish. Prevent your bins from overfilling and ensure the pathway to the front door is clear and unobstructed. Mow the lawn, don’t leave promotional leaflets and unwanted mail to pile up in front of your door and keep all exterior spaces spotlessly clean.

While it can be overwhelming to manage everything at once, take it one step at a time, and your kerb appeal is guaranteed to skyrocket, increasing the value of your house for little to no investment in return.

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