Banham patented keys cannot be copied without your consent

Banham's advanced key registration system ensures that your keys cannot be duplicated by anyone unless you have first been consulted and given your consent.

This patented key registration service is comprised of exclusive and reliable procedures which are designed to offer:

              • Peace of mind - your keys cannot be copied without your consent.
              • Security through exclusivity - we will only copy keys for individuals registered or authorised on our key registration system and in possession of a Banham Gold Key Card.
              • Records - the total number of keys issued is recorded for additional security.
              • Simplicity - with Banham locks all your locks can be made to work from one single Banham key.

Keys can be copied at any of our showrooms. However, you can also send a copy of your key and gold card, along with the Letter of Authority and payment details, to our Head Office using either a courier, Special Delivery or a signed for receipt service. Please note that a Postage and Packaging fee will apply and all items are returned by Special Delivery.


Need your Banham patented keys copied?

In order to receive copies of your patented key, you must first ensure your key has been registered with Banham.

A key registration form and two gold key cards are provided to all our customers when Banham locks are installed. This form needs to be returned to Banham so your details can be checked on our system and we can ensure that only authorised signatories can obtain further copies of keys.

To copy your Banham Dimple key you will need:

              • A Banham Gold Card
              • The key you wish to duplicate
              • an authorised signature (i.e. signed bank card/ photo ID)

If you have lost the gold card, you can request and purchase a replacement with proof of ID.

If you are not an authorised signatory, then Banham will require a signed letter of authorisation from the named signatory.

View and Download an authorisation form

What to do if your Banham key is not registered

To register your Banham key, visit one of our showrooms and present valid photographic ID, your key with the accompanying gold card and one of the following documents as proof of ownership:

              • Original Banham invoice in your name.
              • Solicitor's letter confirming ownership.
              • Land Registry or deeds for property.
              • Current and up to date mortgage document/statement.
              • Current home building insurance (not contents insurance).
              • If a flat – current ground rent or service charge invoices or current long lease (10 years +)

In order to assist customers with the registration of their Banham Key, Land Registry Title Deeds can be obtained from our showrooms for a fee of £10.00 + VAT. Please ask instore for further details.

For any other non-patented Banham Key, any form of ID is required.

Further rules for Tenants

To copy Banham patented keys you will need:

              • Valid Photo ID
              • A signed Authorisation to Copy form from the signatory
              • The Banham Gold Card corresponding to the key
              • A key for us to copy from

View and Download Key Cutting Authorisation form (this link opens in a new tab)

To register and copy Banham patented keys you will need:

              • Valid Photo ID
              • An Authorisation to Register and Copy form signed by property owner
              • One of the above mentioned documents (please ensure the Authorisation to Register and Copy form is signed by the same person on one of the documents)
              • The Banham Gold Card corresponding to the key
              • A key for us to copy from

View and Download Authorisation for Registration form (this link opens in a new tab)

Further rules for Managing Agents

To register and copy Banham patented keys:

              • Managing Agents can register a Banham patented key by presenting proof of their terms of business (a contract) with the Landlord of a property.

Once registered: To copy Banham patented keys Banham will require:

              • Valid Proof of ID from the individual, showing they work for the named Managing Agent i.e. business card or letter headed paper authorising the individual.
              • A Banham patented key
              • A Gold Card

To authorise tenants to copy keys (if registered):

              • Managing agents will need to provide a letter of authorisation on letter headed paper for the tenant to present with a key and gold card. This letter needs to follow the same format as the Banham authorisation form i.e. stating key number, name of tenant copying keys, number of keys (and gold cards) required).

Further rules for Companies

To register Banham patented keys :

              • The Company will need to provide Banham with proof of ownership of the property. On Company letter-headed paper Banham would require confirmation of the person registering (with Valid proof of ID) and authority for us to provide them with copies of keys and a gold card if applicable. In the same letter any further authorised signatories can be named and added.

To copy and authorise to copy Banham Patented keys:

            • Any authorised signatory or anyone who has a letter of authorisation on Company letter headed paper (with Valid proof of ID) or a business card proving they work for the Company can copy a Banham Patented key. Please remember to also present a key and gold card to make any further copies of a Banham Patented key.

Banham Key Registration Store Location

Keys can be copied at any of our showrooms.