Safe Services

Banham are experienced in safe opening services and safe repairs.

We are among the most established suppliers and installers of safes and secure storage cabinets. All our safes are suitable for protecting jewellery and cash in both residential and commercial properties.

Through our safe services, we offer a comprehensive, confidential on-site survey to assess your requirements. Once this is complete, we are able to supply and install a range of insurance approved safes with up to £250,000 cash rating.

Whether you need a compact safe for your home or something larger and more robust for a business environment, we can assist you in finding the right product. Over the years, we have developed an extensive range of Banham safes tailored to specific applications. From our data and high fire resistant safes to all-purpose wall and freestanding safe boxes, high security and flexibility are equally important.

High-Security Rated Safes

Our fire resistant safes are independently tested by ECBS to EN1143-1 Grade 1 and EN15659 LFS 60P, while our luxury safes are certified to EN1143-1 Grades I-V. All of Banham’s safes incorporate virtually impenetrable security, including multiple dead bolts to secure the door, which hold fast even if the hinges are vandalised or cut.

Our safes utilise cutting edge locking technology, with options to add biometric or remote locking. You can browse our full range of  safes online, in our brochure or at one of our showrooms.

For more information you can make an enquiry.

Emergency safe opening and repair services

Banham provide safe opening services for most types of safes. So, if you have locked yourself out, forgotten the password or lost the key, we can help you retrieve your valuables in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our qualified and experienced engineer can:

  • Open your safe
  • Repair your safe
  • Service your safe
  • Replace your safe
  • Fit your safe