Security, substance and style

Banham Front Doors

What makes our doors unique is that each one is high security and strengthened with built-in steel panels offering superior defence with aesthetic design. All our doors are suited for residential and commercial properties, as well as listed buildings.

Bespoke Doors

Designed to complement the architecture of your home

Security, quality and enhancing kerb appeal are at the heart of every Banham door. We understand that all properties are unique and have individual requirements, that’s why we offer complete bespoke designs. Our bespoke doors are available in any colour, can be adorned in our beautiful door furniture, and we can replicate any design to fit in line with your vision. Connect with our lovely team and book in a free, no obligation security survey to discuss your vision with an expert.


Designed and hand-crafted by security experts


Constructed by experts

Our standard range of doors, Banham High Security Doors, are made from premium timber and include a 1.5mm steel sheet for added peace of mind and protection.

As a trusted security business with nearly a century of expertise, we have a responsibility to help our customers prevent intrusions. That’s why all our doors are High Security and built to ensure your property is armed with the best first line of defence.

Banham High Security Doors are crafted with materials that provide stability and durability and are strengthened with an integral 1.5mm steel sheet, making them an optimal choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Despite their high level of security offerings, all doors are available in a variety of styles or can be made completely bespoke to fit in line with your vision.

01. External Door Panel with Moulding
02. Door Stiles
03. Door Rails
04. Concealed 1.5mm Thick Steel Sheet
05. Internal Door Panel with Moulding


Additional security elements

Banham High Security Plus Doors are steel doors built to a higher specification, consisting of multiple additional security components including built-in drill proof plates covering the multi-locking system, a steel frame and much more. Additionally, like all our doors, Banham High Security Plus Doors are completely bespoke designed and can achieve or replicate any aesthetic style you desire.

01. External Raised Panel with Moulding
02. External Door Fascia
03. Thermal & Sound Insulation
04. Steel Door Core
05. Internal Steel Sheet
06. Internal Door Fascia
07. Internal Raised Panel with Moulding



Banham handcrafted door furniture is fashioned from the purest materials, each piece precision-engineered, British-made and designed to last. We offer all our door furniture in a range of designer finishes to match the aesthetic of your home. Browse our two ranges, the new London Collection and the timeless, classic Heritage Collection.

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