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High security measures can be confusing and at times a little overwhelming, throw property insurance and standardisations into the mix and you may feel your head begin to whirl.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions that should helpto clarify queries you may or may not have thought of.

Q: Can Banham locks be installed on UPVC or metal doors?

A: Our locks are designed to be fitted to solid wooden doors; we can replace the cylinders in existing locks for a Banham cylinder or we can provide a quote for a new high security Banham door.

Q: What are my options if I wish to take over the existing Banham alarm on my new property?

A: The standard procedure is for TODS (takeover documents) to be sent out for the new owner to complete, we then arrange for a service engineer to attend the property and perform a demonstration on the existing system. However, we do recommend that the system is checked to see if it requires upgrading, quite often systems left behind tend to be out of date and no longer meet insurance requirements. One of our security consultants can carry out a free no obligation site survey.

Q: What monitoring options are available for a Banham Alarm?

A: There are three options for you to choose from:

Level 1 – Full Monitored System with keyholder and 24 hour Police response – If your alarm system is activated and a confirmed signal is received by our alarm receiving centre (ARC) (subject to the system response level), the Police will be automatically notified and will respond. A confirmed signal means that the system must generate two independent alarm activations before the call can be passed on for a Police Response. Our ARC controllers will contact the premises to verify the activation. If the private passcode for the premises cannot be confirmed within a set time, the Police response will be confirmed to continue. The ARC will also contact keyholders nominated by the client to advise of an alarm activation of any kind.

Level 2 – Keyholder response only – Clients who do not require Police response but would like the added security of either themselves or their nominated keyholders being contacted following an alarm activation, can have the system more-or-less designed to meet their own requirements, subject to insurer’s approval if necessary. Temporary monitoring is also an option – this option is only available through a digital communicator connection. If you are unable to provide private keyholders, Banham can undertake this service with their own in-house, professional keyholding company CMS Keyholding.

Level 3 – Keyholder Response with PAB to Police – Clients who do not want their system fully connected to the Police but who want the extra peace of mind of being able to reach the Police in an absolute emergency can opt to have just their Panic Button connected for a Police response – this option is only available through a digital communicator connection. (Note: Banham can also provide ‘bells only systems’ with PAB only to the Police, subject to a telephone line being connected).

Q: Do you offer a key holding service?

A: Banham have their own in-house professional Keyholding company CMS Keyholding. We are also one of few companies to own our own in-house alarm receiving centre (ARC). This allows us to notify CMS of any activation immediately (should they be your chosen keyholders). CSM Key guards can also take on extra tasks such as watering plants, feeding cats or reporting any concerns like gas or water leaks.

Q: I would like a general security appraisal of my property, is this possible?

A: To ensure our security systems are operating to the highest standards they must be designed specifically for individual properties whilst meeting any insurance requirements laid out by your provider. Banham offer a free no obligation site survey to design a bespoke system suitable for you, your property and any insurance requirements.

Q: What type of warranty or guarantee does the system come with?

A: All our products are issued with a 1 year warranty however, we do offer extended warranty for any customer who wishes to continue a guaranty agreement.

Q: What additional fees or charges will I need to pay to have a security system?

A: We recommend signing up to our maintenance contract and monitoring contract to ensure your system is fully functional and reactive to any break-ins. These options will be provided alongside your quotation so that you can chose to opt in or out. We guarantee not to raise annual charges above the annual rate of inflation.

Q: Why can only Banham cut Banham keys and what is key registration?

A: Banham’s key registration system ensures your keys cannot be duplicated by anyone behind your back without your consent.

Whilst other companies may purport to offer such a system our exclusive and reliable procedures means:

  • You are secure in the knowledge that your keys cannot be copied without your consent.
  • Keys will only be copied for people registered or authorised on our key registration system and in possession of a Banham Gold Key Card.
  • The total number of keys issued is held on record for additional security.
  • In addition to the benefits of a protected key registration system, with Banham locks all your locks can be made to work from one single Banham key.

Keys can be copied at any of our showrooms or if you prefer you can send a copy of your key(s) and gold card(s) along with the Letter of Authority and payment details to our Head Office using a courier, Special Delivery or a signed for receipt service. Please note that a Postage and Packaging fee will apply and all items are returned by Special Delivery.

Q- Do your workers carry ID?

A- Yes, all Banham staff members are required to carry their photo ID at all times, surveyors and engineers are more than happy to present their ID to a customer in fact we recommend that you check the ID of anyone you are letting into your property. In addition to this all Banham employees have a strict background check before an employment contract is signed; making Banham extra secure and trustworthy.


Get in touch with us If there is a question we have missed; we are more than happy to answer it for you.  020 7622 5151 or email


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